What is Metaverse, Exactly?

Well, yes and no. To say that Fortnite The “metaverse” is the same as saying that Google “is the internet.” Even if you can, theoretically, spend a lot of time Fortnite, socializing, buying things, learning, and playing, that doesn’t mean it covers the entire scope of the metaverse.

On the other hand, as it is fair to say that Google builds internet features — from physical data centers into security layers—just as accurate to say that Fortnite The creator of Epic Games has built features in the metaverse. And it’s not just the company that does that. Some of that work will be done by technology giants like Microsoft and Facebook-the latter only recently rebranded to Meta to show this work, even if we are not yet accustomed to the name. Many other different companies — including Nvidia, Unity, Roblox, and even Snap — are all working to build the infrastructure to be metaverse.

It is at this point that most discussions of what the metaverse means begin to come to a halt. We have a vague sense of what things exist now that we can do kind of Call the metaverse, and we know which companies invested in the idea, but we still don’t know what it is. is. Facebook — sorry, Meta, still don’t understand it — believe it will happen including fake houses you can invite all your friends to hang out. Microsoft seems to think it might get involved virtual meeting rooms to train new employees or chat with your distant co-workers.

The pitches for these visions of the future range from optimistic to direct fan fiction. At one point during Meta’s… presentation in the metaverse, the company shows a scenario where a young woman was sitting on her couch scrolling through Instagram when she saw a video posted by a friend of a concert taking place in the middle of the world.

The video was then cut at the concert, where the woman appeared an Avengers-style hologram. He will be able to meet his friend who is physically present, they can both hear the concert, and they will see the floating text flying over the stage. It sounds cool, but it’s not really advertising a real product, or even a possible future. In fact, this brings us to the biggest problem of the “metaverse.”

Why Does the Metaverse Involve Holograms?

With the first advent of the internet, it began with a series of technological innovations, such as the ability to allow computers to communicate with each other over long distances or the ability to hyperlink from a web page to another. These technical features are the building blocks used in the past to create the abstract structures we know about the internet: websites, apps, social networks, and all that rely on key elements. And that’s not to say the gathering of interface innovations that aren’t strictly part of the internet but are still needed for it to work, such as displays, keyboards, mice, and touchscreens.

With the metaverse, there is others new building blocks in place, such as the ability to host hundreds of people at a time on one server (better future versions of a metaverse will be able to handle thousands or even millions -millions of people at a time), or motion tracking devices that can identify where a person is looking or where their hands are. These new technologies can be very exciting and feel futuristic.

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