How to Prevent Work Notifications From Taking Your Life

Thanks global Events that affect almost everyone on the planet, most of us now work from home some – if not all – of the week. This has certain benefits, unless you really enjoy your commute, but it also makes it harder to keep the boundaries between work and everything else.

We’re specifically talking about notices outside of office hours, no matter what happens. Consider emails from the boss or company Slack channel discussions or future edits to files: If you keep alerts for these types of events around the clock, you can’t escape your work.

At best you’ll find your fun and relaxation time interrupted by distracting pings; at worst, they’ll take you to complete a task or follow up on a job that can wait until tomorrow (or after the weekend.) If you don’t receive notifications, you don’t know what to do. you lack — in the best way. Here’s how to set it up.

Settings Inside Your Apps

Other apps allow you to limit notifications to certain hours.

Slack by David Nield

Before you enter the settings available on your phone and laptop, take a look at the apps you’ve always used for work: They probably have self-configuring options to make sure they’re quiet on the specific hours of the day (or specific days of the week.) If you can set up some of your app keys this way, you don’t have to worry about any settings.

Consider Slack, for example. Open Slack on the web, click your profile picture in the upper right corner, then select Likes. on Notices tab, with disabling notifications completely (which your superiors aren’t too happy about,) you can use Allow notifications setting low Notification schedule to only allow alerts for certain hours of the day. You can set specific times on different days.

Maybe your workplace prefers Microsoft Teams to Slack. You can’t control the working hours of Teams, but you can at least customize which channels you get notifications from and which device notifications to send — so you can turn off alerts for your phone while hiding it on your laptop, for example. To configure all available options, from the desktop interface go to Settings and more, Settings, ug Notices.

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