5 Best Password Managers: Features, Prices, and Tips

Like other password managers, 1Password has apps that can be used anywhere, including MacOS, iOS, Android, Windows, and Chrome OS. There’s even a command-line tool available anywhere, and the company recently launched one client for Linux in beta. There are plugins for your favorite web browser as well, which make it easy to create and edit new passwords on the fly.

1Password recently announced a new version of its apps, 1Password 8, and I have had a mixed experience. On the one hand, it finally works on Windows laptops running the ARM architecture. But in MacOS Monterey, I have problems with autofill not working, keyboard shortcuts stopped until I relaunch the browser, and other issues. The problems so far haven’t been enough for me to change our top pick, but it’s definitely something I’ve been watching. The company also recently shortened the free trial period from 30 days to 14 days.

If you regularly travel across national borders you will appreciate my favorite feature of 1Password: Travel Mode. This mode allows you to delete any sensitive data from your devices before you travel and then restore it with one click after you cross a border. This prevents anyone, even law enforcement at international borders, from accessing your complete password vault.

In addition to a password manager, 1Password can be act as an authentication app like Google Authenticator, and for added security, it generates a secret key with the encryption key it uses, meaning no one can decrypt your passwords without that key. (The downside is that if you lose this key, no one, not even 1Password, will be able to decrypt your passwords.)

1Password also offers tight integration with other mobile apps. Instead of having to copy and paste passwords from your password manager into other apps (which puts your password on the clipboard at least for a while), 1Password is mixed with many apps and can be autofilled. This is more noticeable on iOS, where inter-app communication is more restricted.

After signing, download the app for Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, Chrome OS, or Linux. There are also browser extensions for Firefox, Chrome, and Edge.

Best Free Option

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Bitwarden is secure, open source, and free with no limits. The applications are polished and user-friendly, making them the best choice for anyone who doesn’t need the additional features of 1Password.

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