PlayStation 5 vs. Xbox Series X: Where’s the Best, 1 Year Later? (2021)

Sony’s new DualSense controllers deliver more than your standard rumble. The trigger buttons can have different levels of resistance, depending on in-game factors such as what weapon you’re using — so you’ll feel it when you use a handgun that triggers the hair as opposed to more. heavy pulling of a large rifle.

The haptic feedback system also provides a true three-dimensional definition of where the feedback is coming from. Instead of two roaring motors in the palm of your hand, the motors on the DualSense controller can vibrate across the controller. When it works, it’s amazing. For example, Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla looks great and plays well on both consoles, but with the DualSense controller, the trigger pull is different for each bow type, so you can really feel the extra tension with your big-bad-predator bows or the quick, feather touch in light bows. . It gives you a real feeling that these weapons are different, and they feel different in your character’s hands. Few games take advantage of DualSense’s new bells and whistles, but it’s fun when they do.

Services Are Expensive, and Necessary

Both consoles have multiple subscriptions required to play games online, and the other to access a library of games to be played “for free.” The Xbox Series X has Xbox Live Gold and Game Ultimate Pass, and the PS5 has PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now.

Game Pass Ultimate is the best. It gives you access to online multiplayer and has a unique, now very 100+ game catalog that you can download to your console and mostly PC. You can install the Xbox app on a gaming laptop or desktop and download many of them quickly.

PlayStation plus offers only a few “free” games that you can download each month and are required to play online. Unya naa PS Now, which is more similar to Xbox Game Pass but focuses on older PS4, PS3, and PS2 games. It gives you access to an in-depth catalog of 800-plus older PlayStation games to play online.

These subscription plans are even more confusing. Why is this so? At this point, nothing is known.

The Winner: All and None

So, what console is winning here? It’s not. Because it doesn’t matter how good your console is if no one can buy it. The PlayStation 5 is the best console, and since so many of them are on sale, your friends are more likely to have one or get one, but I wouldn’t call it a winner.

The DualSense is nice, but on the inside, the same consoles are the same, and they show up. It’s like Sony and Microsoft both bought the same Honda Civic, but Sony installed a cool-looking after-market steering wheel. Sure it’s cool, but is it any better? Or are they both the same aggressive medium?

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