Meta Is Not The Only Company That Builds The Metaverse

It could be Mark Zuckerberg may be busy pushing his visions into augmented and virtual reality worlds, but he’s far from the first to start imagining them. Niantic CEO John Hanke heads the company creating Pokemon Go, the mobile game that was one of the first major hits in AR. Hanke has magnified the reality for many years now, and he says his vision of uniting people in the real world is more equitable than Facebook.

This week at Gadget Lab, we welcomed WIRED editor at large Steven Levy, who spoke to Hanke about how Niantic counteracts Facebook’s view of the metaverse. Lauren then spoke with Bobby Murphy, Snap’s cofounder and CTO, and AR and VR developer Brielle Garcia, who makes lenses for Snap Spectacles about their vision for our enlarged future.

Show Notes

Read Steven’s interview with Niantic CEO John Hanke HERE. Visit the Augmented World Expo at kahingangha.buhi, and watch videos of the 2021 expo on YouTube.


Steven recommends Andover SpinBase, a $ 299 speaker made for use with record players. Mike recommends the cooking channel on YouTube, “From My Ranch to Your Kitchen. ” Lauren recommends “Maybe You Should Get Out”Episode of The Cutting podcast.

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