Beats Fit Pro Review: Apple’s Best Earbud Ever

Here’s where Beats got away from its parent company: It opened up the ecosystem a bit for people who use different hardware or who want more customizability in their style. Beats has a great Android app for one-touch pairing and customized controls, and it includes a suitable test. Unlike other Apple buds, you won’t be stuck with a crisp white finish. You get the Beats Fit Pro in four colors: black, white, gray, and purple.

A Choice of Voice

Photo: Beats

After a quick pairing of Android or iOS, the first thing you’ll notice when you pop the buds in your ears is how they silence the world. They’re not as ported as the noise-canceling AirPods Pro, so they cover the sounds of the world much better overall.

A long press on the outside of the buds enables the technology to hear, where the microphones do a remarkable job of making the outside world clearly accessible to you. It’s also great if you want to stop your music and look at the supermarket without removing an earbud, or if you need to stop to talk to someone during an outdoor workout.

The perfection of noise cancellation leaves an empty room inside your head for the dynamic Beats drivers to be filled with music. From top to bottom, the signature sound is detailed and clumsy, with the energy of a (happily!) Large dog constantly pulling on his musical leash. You get a fairly wide stage for noise cancellation earbuds, and it has a very fun hi-fi-like sound. The signature sound is carefully carved for lower elevation, midrange clarity, and strategic height elevation so there isn’t any sound too intense.

That makes them very fun headphones to listen to in all genres. They’re not clinical and accurate when listening to classical or jazz, but they can’t beat the bass-heavy mixes of modern hip hop or electronic music. They were so nice to listen to playing pop music. Plop in a Taylor Swift record, and you’re in pig heaven.

New Beats

Many of us don’t live inside sealed, marked gardens with walls. We use the iPad, Apple Watch, and Android phones; we own an iPhone and an Android tablet, and on and on. What I like most about the Fit Pro is that it is designed to work well in all ecosystems.

Whatever phone, tablet, or laptop you pair, you get the same 6 hours of battery life with noise cancellation, plus 18 more in case. You also get the same fast USB-C charging (the lack of wireless charging is one of the minor oversights), almost instant pairing of Android and iOS, good noise cancellation, and great sound.

As someone who loves things that are simple and work well, it’s a dream. The microphones are great for phone calls and Zoom, and the sensors that auto-pause the music never had an accident thinking I was getting a bit of a step-by-step adjustment or pressing. a button.

After two weeks of them being in my life, they have already secured a permanent spot at my entry table. As someone who tries on hundreds of pairs of earbuds a year, I have to give them the new Beats. Right now, they make themselves almost as important as my wallet.

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