11 Best Weighed Blankets (2021): Different Sizes, Weights, and More

Touch, like when take a hug, release oxytocin into your brain. This hormone contributes to our overall well-being and our ability stress management. This is one of the reasons why we embrace newborns. But we don’t always have someone to oppress us. That’s where a good weight blanket comes in.

Heavy blankets use deep pressure to mimic the feeling of soft grip. the Engine Hug, for example, invented by Grandin Temple, uses pressure to calm those on the autism spectrum who don’t like physical touch from others. A weight loss blanket isn’t a cure for anything, but it can cure you — there’s not a lot of scientifically backed research on it, so you should discuss using one with your doctor. My partner Jess Gray and I both suffer from anxiety disorders, and these blankets are rewarding, helping us manage our anxiety. We tried a few; here is the best.

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Updated November 2021: We’ve added a new budget blanket, Gravity travel blanket, and two aromatherapy options from Yogibo.

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