How to Prepare for Power Outages

And how does that compare to trying to replace an RTX 3080?

Let There Be Light

The worst part of an outage is during the night, and in the winter months that can come early at night. When there is no power your area is wrapped in darkness, and basic tasks like just walking in the kitchen can result in slips, bumps, and unnecessary damage in general.

The first thing I keep — in strategic places around the house — are LED lanterns. Its low cost, low power consumption, and can last for many months without the need to replace the batteries. Place one near the stairs or kitchen counter so you can safely navigate your hidden home safely. And if you need to go somewhere else in the house? They can be taken. While being able to cross your own area safely is important, the second effect is to eliminate the need for the flashlight app on your phone, which is usually a battery vampire.

And since you probably need to be better friends with your analog entertainment, placing a lantern next to your couch or favorite chair can immediately create a comfortable reading corner in the dark. And if you have a lot left, you have a light toy for tabletop RPGs or board games (which all should always have stock).

On the other hand, I have two shake flashlights that rely on human power instead of double A. The shaking of the flashlight drives a magnet back and forth through a coil to keep the charge of a capacitor, and voilà! A powered light. It’s not only effective but also fun for kids, and if nothing else can give you a solid reason to thank the lucky world stars for Michael Faraday and his legendary work in electromagnetics.

Next on the list is something relatively old school — the candle. It may be obvious, but don’t act like someone who didn’t get an extra heart vessel. The Legend of Zelda back in the day. Having candles (and, of course, matches or lighters) can once again light a path that you can get wherever you need to go. True, they are, you know, fire, so you have to pay attention to them not like hassle-free LED lanterns, but they are cheap, burn for a while, and I dare say that contributes to the visual and olfactory ambiance on occasion.

Now I’m running a smell called Black Tea and Lemon for I have a wonderful taste. I even have a limited edition A1 steak-scented, so, you know, you can find anything that floats on your boat.

If you have a fireplace, making a fire is an easy and inexpensive way to not only light a room but heat it up when the mercury starts to go down. If you have gas or oil heat it’s not a big issue for you, but I have an electric heat pump, so my living room fireplace is my go -to power off.

I try to always store a rope of fuel in the winter along with burners or starter cubes in my inventory, but if you don’t have a torch and not a Human Torch, this can add to the difficulty. And so I keep paper books on the phone instead of putting them away. Sure, “there’s internet,” but the thin pages from phone books make for a good ignition, especially if you put your fuel outside and it’s not completely dry yet.

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