Don’t Expect That New PS5 or Ebike to Arrive on the Holidays

MC: Lauren, have you started your holiday shopping yet?

LG: No, not really. I hugged people this year, as long as they were vaccinated. No supply chain issues there, just free hugs.

MC: Well, that’s nice.

LG: Oh, okay. Well known. I’m glad you approved.

MC: You can start hugging now.

LG: Why?

MC: We’ll discuss that in this week’s show.


[Gadget Lab intro theme music plays.]

MC: Hello everyone, welcome to Gadget Lab. I’m Michael Calore, a senior editor at WIRED.

LG: And I’m Lauren Goode, senior hug provider at WIRED. I am a writer.

MC: We also join this week with WIRED senior associate reviews editor Adrienne So. Hello, Adrienne. Good return.

Adrienne Vice: Hi guys.

MC: Nice to be here, as always, and happy holidays. OK sure, it’s probably a little early to say that, but that’s the point. No doubt you have heard a lot about the problems of the global supply chain for computers, new cars, e-bikes, televisions. The entire consumer products industry seems to be coming to a standstill. You may have even encountered it. You go to order something, it is delayed in shipping time or it is not available to start. Later in the movie, we’ll go over some tips on how to take care of your shopping needs during all this weirdness. But first we want to talk about the chaos part of the supply chain itself. First, maybe we need to explain what a supply chain is. It has become a meme, where people are always joking that they can’t find a date today because of supply chain problems or they can’t show up at work because of the supply chain. But in reality it is a very complicated system. Adrienne, you recently wrote a story about the supply chain and all its problems. Can you tell us what happened here?

AS: Well, I want to start by saying that it’s completely crazy that in the last two years, we’ve all been conditioned to believe that anything we want from anywhere in the world can be found on our interior doors like . 24 hours, that’s literally crazy. As someone who has received packages of underwear shipped within three weeks from the Philippines, let’s start by saying that we had unrealistic expectations to begin with. But in the world we live in today, things are made in other parts of the world. First they have to be made, and then they have to be wrapped, and then they have to be put on a boat or an airplane or a truck. And they have to make their way guarded by hundreds of people from where they go to where they have to come, who are at your door.

And I don’t know if you’ve ever heard that saying, “For want of a nail, the war was lost” or something. This is a big problem, and there are steps that have failed at every point of it. And as gear testers, we’ve personally experienced this for months from the end, from the lack of supplies of computer chips for the gadgets we have to test to the packages that are in Portland, where I live, making lang. an endless show pony circuit around my house. I can literally see the packages coming to Portland, [Oregon], go up to Alaska and then return. So they just bring my gear for the grand Western tour. All the same, it’s a nonsense I tell you, it’s a nonsense.

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