6 Best Sunrise Alarm Clock (2021): Homelabs, Philips, Casper

ana unta be a word for that moment when you pull back the curtains in the morning and retreat under the scorching burst of sunlight. That horror -filled moment that quickly cuts a light room out of a darkness, when all you want is to slowly bring your consciousness to life and the sun will instead open up. Ark of the Covenant right in your face.

Almost all of us needs more sleep, but modern humans keep strange hours and can no longer sleep or wake up with our natural sleep cycles. Sunrise alarms are one way to cope. They mimic the gradual sunset at night and the gradual sunrise in the morning to help you fall asleep and wake up more naturally by manipulating your biological hardware. I tried the best sunrise clocks — and some of the worst — on the market. These are my favorites.

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Updated November 2021: We updated the price and added retailers across the product.

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