The Best Amazon Fire Tablet (2021): Which Model Should You Buy?

The Kids Edition versions are the same as the regular Fire tablets, except it has a hard case and a two -year worry -free warranty, which means Amazon will replace the tablet for free if your children break it. It also comes with a year on Amazon Kids+, which offers access to kid-friendly movies, books, games, and apps. It costs $ 3 per month after the first year.

Avoid Fire 7

The Fire 7 is Amazon’s cheapest tablet, with a small price tag. But if you make more demands on your Fire tablet than a 3-year-old loves Carl the Super Truck, you should probably cough a little more and buy an HD 8. Like we told ours Fire Review 7, the 7-inch screen will feel cramped and its screen resolution will be noticeably pixelated. You won’t love the mono speaker, which is easily blocked with one finger. Its battery also lags behind the other two tablets, and the 8-gigabytes of internal storage is very small, commanding a MicroSD card from the beginning.

Amazon sells Old Fire Tablets. Don’t Buy Them

Just buy one of the “10th Generation” or “11th Generation” Fire tablets. We recommend sticking to the tablets we have discussed in this article (also listed here).

If you have a small budget, the 2019 Fire HD 10 usually lower than new. The downside of this and other, older model Fire tablets is that they don’t get as much software updates as the current generation could. You will also lose the faster processor and more RAM on the newer models. It’s a pain, but if you’re buying an older device you’ll need to cross-reference the latest update available for the tablet you’re buying (find it on this page) with latest version of Fire OS to see how new your software is.

What’s WIRED About All Fire Tablets

A tap for Amazon’s content: If you subscribe to Amazon’s Prime service, you can use all of the included movies, music, TV, and books while also shopping for all the items you get with a free two-day send or browse your free photo storage on Amazon. You can do most of the same stuff from an Android tablet or iPad, but the Fire OS interface is made specifically to deliver things to Amazon, with pages that can be swiped across each type of media. sold on Amazon.

Built ‘Good Enough’: Physically, Amazon’s Fire tablets are made of cheap plastic, but they’re designed with enough care that the build quality won’t bother you too much. Kids Editions are also some of the best quality tablets for kids, packaged in a sturdy bumper, and all have MicroSD slots so you can add more storage. (We recommend it 128-GB MicroSD card.)

Cheap: Did we mention the price? They all cost $ 200 or less, which is a price that would legitimately surprise you a few years ago. They are of great value. You can also get it using Amazon lock-screen ads, which will lower your price to $ 15.

What’s TIRED About All Fire Tablets

Non-Amazon Content Missing: The biggest strength of these tablets is also their biggest weakness. If you’re not an Amazon Prime subscriber and have no plans to get your video, audio, or books from Amazon, the Fire tablet line isn’t very appealing. They have Alexa, to make that an extra, but again, that’s very tied to Amazon’s internal library.

You can download third-party apps like Netflix on Amazon’s Appstore, but the choice is distance more limited than the apps available on Apple’s iPad or the Google Play Store on standard Android tablets. Tech-savvy users have found ways to add Google Play Store or sideload apps, but these tools are made to serve Amazon’s library first and foremost.

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