12 Best Air Purifiers (2021): HEPA, Portable, and More

Welcome to future, where clean air is a luxury. From pandemics to wildfires, air purifiers have become a must -have in the home for the past year and a half. Buildings contain large amounts of particulate matter, volatile organic compounds, and chemical vapors. Interior plastics, furniture, paint, and flooring are all there off-gas toxic fumes, also. There is also some evidence that air filters can do that helping to clean up virus particles that cause Covid from the air.

Because your house is still yours workplace, toy, meditation studio, dine-in restaurant, bar in the neighborhood, refuge, and CINEMA, make sure the air you breathe is clean most of the day. These are our leading air purifiers. We ran them into an apartment in New York City; an apartment on Long Island; an apartment in Dallas; and a home in Portland, Oregon. We tested them during the wildfire and in the living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. All of these purifiers provide significant anecdotal benefits, from stopping persistent coughing to helping us wake up with clearer sinuses and a less sore throat.

Not sure if you need an air purifier or something? We have a guide to all the different devices to help you improving your indoor air quality. For more tips at home, check out our guides Best Robot Vacuums and the Best Mesh Wi-Fi Router.

Updated October 2021: We added the Coway Airmega 250, Blueair Pure Fan Auto, and IQ Air HealthPro air purifiers, as well as the Airthings View Plus air quality monitor. We removed the old picks that were out of stock.

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