Everyone Needs Dune Memes This Week

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At this point, we here at WIRED really have to do write about Dune. (Or at least tired of it.) But honestly, that’s not the case. Maybe we’ve written too much about book connections global conflict and Burning Man or about stillsuits and maxi pads, but when it comes to Denis villeneueveThe film adaptation, is still, uh, even more melange to mine. And this week’s spice is definitely the memes.

Unfortunately, for copyright reasons, we can’t put everything here, but please believe us when we tell you that there are many Dune memes. Jokes about sandworms, gag playing “How are you?” by Joey Tribbiani line from Friends. (Now “How about you Dune?“Take it? Oh, obviously? Never mind.) Someone was floating around Shania Twain saying “So you’re Maud’Dib? That doesn’t appeal to me very much. ” A real lot of Arrakeen’s art is streaming on the internet right now, and it couldn’t be more timely.

Why? Because this week is no surprise. All weeks are on some strange planes in 2021, but this week jumped from Covid-19 vaccine booster shots to Considering that the planet is on fire, we can break a few billion on President Biden and the Pope. And people are still talking about Dave Chappelle and Netflix. Oh, and the 4-hour work week is return. In the past, borrowing a phrase, like riding a roller coaster.

Or, perhaps, a sandworm. And the fact that we can still have that ridicule and trust that people know what it means shows how much Dune replaced the zeitgeist in recent days. It’s everywhere — in a way that seems predictable and unbelievable at the same time. Because it’s predictable Dune a big studio movie, backed by a huge promotional campaign sponsored by internet-loved stars Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet. Also note: Dune a book that nerds have loved for decades, and, well, nerds love to make memes. However. On the other hand, Dune Remains a dense text with concepts and terms that make it even more difficult to wrangle it into a macro image. As in DuneThe time has come, it should have come quickly.

Credit Villeneuve for making a film that allowed this to happen. Unlike, let’s say, David Lynch, who took an overly careful book and turned it into a movie with nothing to offer but camping and Sick of expensive underwear, Villeneuve made a MOVIES taken Dune as serious as himself. And if there’s something good on the internet, it puts holes in hypocrisy. You need your (admittedly bright) art movie and find ways to yuck your Gom Jabbar. It can also turn your crazy space worm back to Wendy Williams. And for a week when Mark Zuckerberg had the courage to look the internet in the eye and ask its denizens to call Facebook Meta, these images are much needed.

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