Facebook: Look Here, Kids, It’s the Metaverse

Facebook see buried scandals for now, but now it’s trying to shift the public’s attention to the future — specifically, a future built around a more consistently present Facebook.

In the company annual developer conference Today, chief executives Mark Zuckerberg and Andrew Bosworth, the head of the company’s Reality Labs unit, outline a broader vision for “metaverse. ” To encourage the next chapter, Facebook has announced a series of updates to the Oculus VR and Spark AR platforms, part of an effort to persuade developers to build more applications and features for the metaverse of Facebook. Zuckerberg also revealed that the company could be named Meta, highlighting his virtual reality vision for the future.

“The next [internet] the platform and medium will be more immersive, an embodied internet where you are on the experience, not just watching it, “Zuckerberg said during the virtual presentation. He went on to say that in the metaverse, people get together with friends and family to work, learn, shop , and play — things that people can clearly do today using 2D, flat screens like our laptops and smartphones, but that’s on Facebook (Meta’s vision of the metaverse is more than the way we experience the thing now.

For Facebook, building the metaverse is just the next step in a year-long land grab for our online attention. For critics of the company, though, there’s nothing more alarming than the idea that Facebook could be the same in the next big internet era, especially if it’s battling the two. privacy and content moderation problems all over the world.

And Facebook’s staking of its acquisition of the metaverse also raises questions about how open this next internet comeback will be; even as Facebook calls on other tech companies like Apple for their closed ecosystem, the social media company continues to showcase experiences exclusively on its own Oculus virtual reality devices.

The Meta Deets

Scrolling the metaverse.

Courtesy of Meta

Zuckerberg, Bosworth, and a virtual parade of Facebook Reality Labs executives build a broad vision of today’s metaverse, highlighting a variety of elements — from app platforms to hand gesture technology to prototypes of VR headsets and AR glasses — which, they say, is everything. eventually coming together to create a new form of digital presence. This includes expanding the Horizon Workrooms app, a sort of VR version of Facebook’s Zoom demoed in August; a more social “Home” version of the Oculus Quest VR headset, for interactions with VR friends; some improved health features for Oculus Quest; and support for some non-3D apps in the Facebook virtual environment. 2D app support is even more important, although it’s hard to say how useful these apps are until they’re available to the majority. But the idea is that even if you’re wearing a VR headset to work with remote co-workers, you don’t have to take it off to check out Slack (or Instagram, if you’re slow). These apps run as flat panels within the virtual environment.

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