‘Age of Empires IV’ Wants To Teach You A Lesson

The key to a good game of history is to make sure the game doesn’t spoil. Relic Entertainment knew, from the beginning, that Age of empires 4 must show the Mongols. They are clearly the lynchpin civilization, both a symbolic force Age of Empires 2 and a symbolic force of history, famous for their mighty horse -riding, with an empire spanning nine million square miles, from East to West, encircling almost the entire world in Relic’s game.

Or, to put it bluntly, “We were like, Okay, well, they fought it all,” said Quinn Duffy, the game’s director. “Now we can start on who else we can include.”

The task now is to reduce the 500 -year past to an “essence” of a civilization: an abstraction put together to fit the rules of a game.

Some elements of history are completely mapped. Odegai Khan |, the third son of Ghengis, expanded a giant network of Yam, an early pony express: postal stations where a horse or runner could rest as they carried a message throughout the empire. The Relic team re-enacted this in small stone circles: post posts that give bonuses to units while pinging around a player’s base.

Other ideas were left out. Horses captured in team action. Instead of the cartoonish turn-on-a-dime animals drawn in previous games, in the new one, the horses can be realistic, with a full range of animations, slowing down and arching in circles. some target. The game is not a game. “Everyone hates it,” said Adam Isgreen, franchise creative director of World Edge, who has partnered with Relic on the game.

Finally, there are aspects identified by both Duffy and Isgreen that are purely ahistorical. The Mongols in Age of empires 4 nomadics: their towns can be wrapped in wagons and moved on the map. In fact, according to Duffy, even if it feels ‘real’, it is not accurate: as the Mongols spread from the time of Ghengis Khan to his sons and grandsons, they settled, built cities and wall. “It’s always been an interesting fight,” he said. “We’ve always struggled with the impact of reliability and reliability determination that that’s in gameplay.”

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