Apple and Google’s New Hardware Prompts Rants – and Raves

LG: I’m sorry, Julian. I don’t understand that. Do you want me to search the web for what you say?

MC: Well, we really have to keep going, but I have one thought of separation.

LG: Tell us your strength.

MC: It’s especially healing.

LG: OK ra.

MC: I’m very happy to see the Touch Bar obviously removed from Apple’s line of laptop hardware.

LG: We assume everyone knows what the touch bar is who listens. However, it is very easy to tell us what the Touch Bar is.

MC: This is a sadly inadequate set of touch screens running at the top of the keyboard, replacing the most useful line of function keys and escape key and power keys that were previously on the top of the Apple keyboard. Apple made this move, what, five years ago? Something like that.

LG: Mm-hmm

MC: Put this band there. And the idea is, developers who make applications like Adobe, for example, or Ableton Live or something like that, can put a context sensitive control panel there. That’s why it provides classy touch screen style conversations in desktop applications. It’s used by developers, most don’t. So it just ends up being like your computer has lost a row of keys that you use all the time. And instead, here’s something you accidentally touched and accidentally launched things you didn’t want to launch as you typed. Very good ride. I said, “Touch Bar, we wish we didn’t know you.”

Si JC: Just to point out, there is one last MacBook sold by Apple with Touch Bars. The MacBook Pro is from last year, along with the M1s. So avoid it, if you can.

MC: Yes. And maybe the next ones don’t have it. Maybe they will. We do not know. They didn’t say how it would disappear. They just show a computer without it. So …

The BS: With the MacBook Air M1 from 2020, I think the most down-to-earth part is that they add function keys upstairs. And that’s what they implemented with the MacBook Pro in 2021. And I love it with the MacBook Air. It’s much more intuitive. So it seems like a great idea.

LG: But that’s it, I mean … We all suffer from Stockholm syndrome, don’t we? As we listened, we were like, “I like that this keyboard has a row of function keys. Did you know that it has a row of function keys?” You can’t say no? “Oh my God, there’s a port. I’m telling you, there’s a laptop port that I find useful for my profession as a professional. It’s unbelievable. It’s innovation.” Like, are you kidding me? “

They’ve taken all these things away from us for the last five years. And the keyboard … Don’t get me started on the keyboard right now either. There was a piece of something tucked under my cap lock locks. Actually, as we were filming it, I was mad, it was a destructive keyboard, but now finally, we’re just back to the usable MacBook Pros. Hallelujah. We haven’t talked about chips yet, but that’s still a whole lot. Anyway, guys, any time you want to bring it back to reality, come to me. I’ll slow down with you, I’ll tape the podcast to you, we’ll make them real guys. Let’s make it real.

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