How to Make Movie Dialog Clarter (and Silent Explosions)

This feature will change the audio in ways that the makers didn’t intend, and you probably don’t want to leave it out too often. This is a handy one if you put on a random Marvel movie on Tuesday night, but remember to turn it off if you plan on having people when you watch. Dune to open at night.

Upgrading Your Sound System to Something Better Than Stereo

If you don’t have a center speaker, then it could be an upgrade to a better audio system. You don’t have to get an expensive system – lots of soundbars on every budget. That said, if you only have one stereo soundbar, then all the audio from your movies will be pumped into the left and right channels, and that can be a problem.

Because stereo systems do not have a dedicated center speaker, the audio dialog must go to the left and right speakers. Most stereo systems will reduce the number of center channel before sending it to each speak. However, if the dialogue is quieter than the rest of the movie’s soundtrack, then the result could be a bad mix where you don’t hear much of the dialogue.

If you’re looking for a better sound system, try to get something that at least has a 3.1 setup. It refers to three speakers – left, right, and center – as well as a subwoofer. A 5.1 environment system. adding two ambient speakers, is better in terms of immersion, but anything that adds a center channel can be a great improvement on your home theater.

Think Acoustics in Your Room

Most people don’t really care how much the shots sound around their living room, because it’s not even a priority for a room where you want to relax. movies you watch. If you have a lot of hard wood and bare walls, for example, the sound from your speakers can quickly get up around and feel even louder. And your neighbors are probably even more upset.

We didn’t expect anything to start installing acoustic panels in their living room just to soften the sounds from a movie, but there are simpler fixes that can help. Aircon systems, for example, can be very loud, but people tend to tune in to these sounds when they hear them every day.

If you find yourself switching the TV to beat the AC, a fan, or a powerful computer or console in place, then you can try switching the TV away from the noises. You can also try turning off power appliances while you watch. With less sound competition, you can turn on the TV a bit more and have a quicker time to hear the dialogue.

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