How to share Your Location on an iPhone or Android

You can check the list of people you have shared your location with equally Location sharing tab, and you can see their profile picture on the map if they also share their location with you. To stop sharing or get directions to their location, tap on the photo gallery or their name listed below.

How to Share Your Location Using Find Me

If you and the people you want to share your location use one iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, then the Find My app is the easiest way to do it. Here’s how:

Photo: Apple
  1. Open the Find My app and select People tab.
  2. selection Start Setting the Location.
  3. Enter the name or number of the person you want to share your location with and tap send.
  4. Choose how long you want to wait for your location, and tap OK ra.

You can stop sharing your location equally People tab by tapping the relevant person and selecting Stop Sharing My Location. You can quickly stop sharing at all by selecting ME tab and delete Share My Location.

How to Share Your Location Using Facebook Messenger

If you’ve already talked to the person or group you want to send your location to on the popular Facebook Messenger app, you can share your location there without coming out of it. It will work Android and iOS.

Photo: Facebook

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