Facebook Doesn’t Have to Be Afraid

GIVING: I’ll check that out. I would say that private publishing raises a variety of issues. There are specific, again, agnostic issues out there that can address messaging apps, for example, limiting forwarding is a factor. And that’s something Facebook has done in India, because WhatsApp chain messages are the source of a lot of dangerous viral content that is threatening people with violence. And the beauty of things like that too is that it doesn’t require you to wander around and look at the content of people’s messages, or destroy end-to-end encrypted apps.

MC: Yes.

GIVING: It is worth considering, however, that there is a limit to… strange for us to exhaust and say that the post office must have something to do about people sending letters with the wrong information, or the phone company is absolutely necessary. to stop people from calling each other and saying things that are not true. So I think we need to keep in mind that when people are talking to each other, at a certain point, there is a limit to how much can, or should, be expected by those who provide police communication architecture if what people say to each other.

MC: Yes. And pushing hard also brings up the difficult topic of encryption and weakening encryption, or compromising encryption in some way, which we all know is very bad.

GIVING: Right. Or pushing people to improve their OPSEC. And it’s like, oh, shit, Facebook is attacking us. Maybe I’ll get the Signal afterwards. As it is, well, curse it. Now we can’t, now we’re really distracted. We can’t see what they did.

MC: Lauren, what is your recommendation.

LG: I have two recommendations this week. One is to respect Gilad, who always goes for something fun and simple.

GIVING: I’m always treated well when I’m here.

LG: I immediately swipe through the dates, where it says dates.

MC: Oh, like food.

LG: Like food, dates.

MC: For food.

LG: They are really good at food. Yes, I went for a Medjool Date cake, they were delicious, they were high in potassium and fiber, and had a low glycemic index. And just now I am, I love them. I just snack on them all the time.

MC: What will you do with the holes?

LG: I put them in compost.

MC: Nindot.

LG: Yes.

GIVING: What app do you use for Medjool dates?

LG: This is a super, most hidden app to date.

GIVING: Invite ra.

LG: Yes. Yes they are invited, but if you have upcoming dates, I highly recommend them.

MC: I’m glad to hear you’re back on the scene.

GIVING: Yes. Back to the date scene.

LG: Back to the date scene. The other recommendation I have Sway podcast, the New York Times vibration podcast by Kara Swisher. And I’m not just saying that because he’s my friend and homeowner, I’m saying that because I’ve listened to a episode of couples lately much better. He interviewed Monica Lewinsky last week, and they talked a lot about the joint social status quo of Bill Clinton’s impeachment. And Monica is now working on new projects, including a Hulu series about impeachment. And Beanie Feldstein, I think how you say her name, plays Monica. And Monica has a hand in talking about it. And it was a really raw and fierce honest conversation he had with Kara Swisher. And I think it’s really worth listening to.

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