Can MJ Really Hang On Swinging Spider-Man?

Granted, there are only three things I need to estimate: the length of the swing web, MJ’s speed under the swing, and MJ’s mass. Finding the masses is the easiest. I can only see the measurements of Zendaya Coleman, who plays MJ. I’m going to have a mass of 59 pounds, an estimate on a page of biographies of celebrities—It’s not accurate, but in the end, this amount doesn’t matter.

For the length of the web (and thus the radius of the circle of motion), I compared their motion as they passed through a building. Consistent with counting the number of rows of windows in the building, it seems that the web is not less than 8 floors in length. There’s no standard length for a construction story, but we’re just together 4 meters per level, for a total web length of 32 meters.

The speed is a bit tricky, but I will do my best to get a reasonable amount. If I knew the moving distance between MJ and Spidey (I would call it that

Description: Rhett Allain

The time is not so hard. Seeing a change, I can mark the frames showing the beginning and end of the action. Since the trailer is recorded at 24 frames per second, I can get time data from the frames. Using it, I got a time of 0.417 seconds from the start of the swing to its lowest point.

Now, if I can estimate the starting angle of the swing, (I can get the distance from the length of the arc (arc length = rθ) .Let’s go to an initial angle of 30 degrees.

That’s all I need. Here are my calculations, using a Python program. You can edit and change the values ​​and run them again if you want to try different values.

Using my estimate, MJ and Spidey would travel almost 90 miles per hour (40 meters / second), and MJ would have to support an equivalent weight of about 800 pounds (3,555 newtons).

Sometimes it’s helpful to talk about things like this in terms of g’s, where 1 g equals 9.8 m / s2. A g is how you feel when you just sit around with no speed.

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