The Best Nintendo Switch Bundle Deal – and Which Model to Choose (Autumn 2021)

Outside of marketing holidays like Black Friday and Amazon Prime Day, there aren’t many tons of discounts on Nintendo consoles – the moving On, Switching to OLED, ug Switch to Lite. Partly that’s because of their popularity, it continues global pandemic and theirs supply chain disasters, as well as Nintendo’s refusal to constantly ignore its products.

But if you can find it for sale, who should you choose? We have advice to help, as well as the best ways to get it. Below are all the best Nintendo Switch deals and bundles we’ve found. We also toured the best Transfer games so you can start, as well accessories you might like. Read our Transfer Tips and Tricks to take advantage of your console.

Updated October 2021: We added the OLED Switch, broke down the differences between all three models, and refreshed the rest of the guide.

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Which Switch Should You Buy?

Photo: Nintendo

With the release of the Switch, in 2017, there will be only one model. Now there are three, and choosing the right one can be confusing if you don’t rush how they all differ. Let’s sort each one out.

This is the cheapest Switch (8/10, Recommended WIRED), but many are also limited in their capabilities. It’s a unit, so the controllers are inseparable. It can’t be docked to a TV, which means you can only play it in handhand mode. It’s the smallest and lightest of the three models, which improves travel, but it’s meant to have the smallest touchscreen: 5.5 inches. If that’s not an issue for you, then the $ 100 you can save is significant. You can’t play some games that require motion control, like Super Mario Party, Unless you decide to buy Joy-Con controls and pair them with the system (you’ll also need a kickstand class). To find out if a game is good on Switch Lite, look for a “handheld mode” icon in the eShop or on the back of the physical game box.

The next step is the basic Switch (7/10, Recommended WIRED) sold as hotcakes from 2017. Technically, Nintendo refreshed the Switch in 2019 with better battery life, but otherwise the system is the same. It has a built-in kickstand behind the LCD display to maximize it, Joy-Con controls you can detach, and a port you can connect to your TV to speed up the transition from hand to hand. to the big screen.

The new OLED Switch (8/10, Recommended WIRED) is the same as the original Switch, but the upgrades can easily cost over $ 50. The more famous is, naturally, the screen. Unlike the LCD screens on the other two models, the OLED panel has pixels that individually light up and off, allowing for true blacks and better color contrast. Your games will look even better. The display is also larger-7 inches compared to the standard Switch’s 6.62 inches-but the smaller borders around the screen mean the two are almost the same size.

If you’re not selling OLEDs, sell the kickstand. The kickstand on the original Switch was agile, hard to open, and never balanced to show all that well. In OLED, the kickstand surrounds the entire length of the console. You can even adjust it so that the screen sits at different angles. It is extremely durable and versatile. Additional enhancements include 64 GB of storage instead of the original 32 GB, slightly better audio quality, and an Ethernet port on the port, so you can connect it to your router for the most. fast internet speed without having to use a separate dongle like the original Switch.

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