Review of the Fujifilm Instax Link Wide Printer: Bigger, Better Images

I will not lie: I am a big fan of the Fujifilm Instax printer. I like to Instax cameras also, but that has limited use cases, and most of the time I don’t want to take it. I prefer to shoot with my phone or mirrorless camera, and then print the images to an Instax printer.

As much as I love Instax copies, the original format is only 1.8 inches by 2.4 inches. That’s small, and it’s not Polaroid. The Instax square film format is fairly modest (2.4 square inches), but if you want Fujifilm’s largest Instax print format (3.9 inches by 2.4 inches), you’ll need to buy a camera.

Until now. The new Fujifilm Instax Link Wide smartphone printer brings the company’s largest instant film to a single printer.

Instax for the People

Photo: Fujifilm

My first Instax printer was a pointless purchase that became a vital part of how I interacted with people when I traveled. It also sparked an interest in taking pictures of my children. It’s not perfect, but there’s something about the magic of an instant print that goes beyond limits. They’re not gallery -worthy, but they’re sure to be fun.

I still use my old one Instax SP-1 printer. The prints are a nice, small gift; they are also good icebreakers. I love to take pictures of people, but I’m not someone to go out with, so it’s hard to ask anyone to take their picture. It’s especially hard now, when everyone thinks you’re going to put your image on Instagram. If you can tell someone you’re not interested in social media and give them a print of the image right away and there, you always have a completely different conversation.

Even if you have no desire to travel or photograph strangers, there is something about physical prints that makes a much greater connection between vision and image. You cannot simply scroll to the next image. Trust me: Make copies. Thank yourself along the way.

This is part of why I really like the new Instax Link Wide printer. It does the same good Instax prints, much more. 3.9-by-2.4-inch prints are landscape oriented-the large white border edge is under the high edge, even if nothing stops you from printing an image photo oriented if you like.

Aside from size, the Instax Link Wide printer is similar to Fujifilm’s Mini Link. It’s a relatively colorless gray (or white) box, almost the size of three CD cases stored. If you’re under 30, that’s 5.25 inches by 4.75 inches, and one inch thick. There is a button at the top to turn it on and also print the later image. On the back you’ll find a USB-A port for charging (USB-C would be nice). You load the film underneath, close it, and communicate in general via the app, which connects to the printer via Bluetooth.

The Instax Wide App

Photo: Fujifilm

The new Instax Link Wide app for iOS and Android true heart of the Instax Wide printer. Fujifilm apps are a mix bag, but lately Instax has improved. The new Wide app is similar in functionality to the Mini Link app that comes with the company’s latest Mini printer. However, the layout is equally varied, and I think it’s much cleaner and easier to navigate.

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