How to Play Every Game From the Squid Game (and Not Die)

2. A ddakji places on earth.

3. B tried to throw it by smashing their ddakji hard here.

4. Transfer.

Whoever succeeds in flipping the opponent’s ddakji is the winner.

Pro-type: Yohan Yun, 29, said ddakji will return to popularity when he is 5 and claims that he is a “master ddakji player” in his neighborhood of Dong-ducheon. The trick is to analyze ddakji and target ddakji’s weak points, he said. “A more shy ddakji is more likely to flick if you hit the corners of it, while a thicker ddakji works with the movement of your ddakji so you have to hit it in the middle of it,” he insists.

Game # 1: Mugunghwa Kochi Pieotseumnida (Sharon’s Rose Blooms)

As seen in the series The first official game played Squid game led by a scary, giant doll with motion-sensor eyes. Players are lined up at one end of the toy, and they can only move if the doll turns away from them and shouts “mugunghwa kochi pieotseumnida.” Players who move when the doll faces their direction and players who fail to cross the finish line before the set time of 10 minutes are shot and killed.

Preparation: One of the beauties of this game is that it involves zero prep, but hardcore Squid game fans buy clothes from online third party retailers.

How to play: Netflix translated the game’s title as “Red Light, green Light,” without hesitation because the rules of the games are the same. Both allow for an unlimited number of players. Here’s how to play the Korean way:

1. Play with rock, paper, scissors to find out who “it is.”

2. The player who “it” stands at one end of the room while the rest of the players line up at the other end.

3. That player faces a wall or a tree, opposite the players, and sings the 10-syllable phrase. At this hour, players are allowed to move.

4. When the “it” player has finished singing, they turn around and select the players they see in action.

5. The players selected must now be “chained” to the player “it” by holding hands or linking the pinks.

6. A. If a player successfully reaches the opposite wall (or tree), and there is a chain, the player can release the chain by hand breaking the hand held. (Some versions of the game release all players, while others only release hand -wrecks.) Those without chains can run away.

6. B. If a player successfully reaches “it,” he can tag the player “it” and run away.

If you’ve been tagged in it, you’re the new one. The purpose here, same with the tag, is not new.

There’s a more complicated take on this game, where there has to be a different move if the “it” player calls out a different chant. See the example here.

Pro-type: Claudia Lee, 33, remembers being “very good” at this game when she was younger. He says coordination and kindness are keys to winning. “The closer you get to it, the more careful you are, because all your actions are more visible,” he said. If it’s you, and you want to travel with other players, play how easily you can pronounce the syllables. TikToker @Mykoreandic shows how.

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