What Convinced People to Get Vaccinated?

Another survey, it was a representative sample of 3,048 U.S. residents last summer, both compared changes to intentional vaccination after hearing talk about vaccine safety, private benefits, social welfare, and economic welfare – sometimes with each other. (A basic message about severe testing of vaccines in trials used as a control.) The largest increase to date has been in the private benefit group; as the journal article about the research said, even though people who are not resistant to the vaccine often raise concerns about safety and side effects, in practice this safe message turns out to be little better than prevention.

Civis researchers have found much in common. “We’ve tried that kind of framing in the past. For example, when wearing a mask, we’ve found that personal well-being is more effectively discussed than the protection of others,” said Crystal Son, director of analytics. to take care of Civis health. “When we tested the messages that talked about the importance of using a mask, one of them was: ‘Wear it for grandma.’ That’s an effective zero percentage, and there’s a good chance the backlash isn’t good. ”

Son’s team has found even more subtle side effects in the latest vaccine research. In the same Civis research last year, telling people that Covid vaccines can keep children from getting sick doesn’t change anyone’s mind; Today, with most children returning to school and vaccinated permission for children looking closer, it did.

But in trial after trial, the only reliable way to convince people not to be vaccinated is to be vaccinated to say to them it will benefit them personally.

So I’m a schmuck, really. Since the beginning of the pandemic, I have written about how disasters have affected people together, and how cooperation the same way except for all of it. In almost every story I write about vaccines once they are available, I will add some boilerplate about how safe and effective they are, and while vaccines continue to be safe for each of us, the very best reason. to get them so they help each of us protect us all. Waste of pixels.

Here’s the weirdness part: People resist requests, messages, even prizes. But when the difficult commands begin slam down—Get vaccinated or lose your job-the number of complaints has not changed, but the number of vaccinations. They worked. A lot of people say they’re never, no, unvaccinated? Poll numbers show percentages that are “never” among teenagers and “if you just did me” in the single number. After the mandates, those conditions hit – it turns out that the “nevers” are the much smaller group.

Then what happened? Is there a unique, successful message that anyone can include in the mandates? (In the future, you know, “Do it.”) Or are the non-gonnas… lying?

In an armchair statistic, the numbers suggest this is the second thing. Faced with the possibility of losing their jobs, the holdouts did not continue. on United Airlines, only about 300 of the 67,000 U.S. employees lost their jobs rather than be vaccinated. Of the 26,500 people who work at UCHealth in Colorado, only 100 as not. In California, where a mandate applies to all health care workers, 97 percent of Kaiser Permanente’s 216,000 employees get it; the company suspended 2,000 left. San Francisco has 35,000 city employees; only about 2,000 remain unvaccinated. At 150,000 in New York City public school staff, 99 percent of principals, 96 percent of teachers, and 94 percent of staff got it. New York state has more than 650,000 hospital and nursing workers, and by the time the mandate began there, 92 percent had been hired. at least one dose– Up to 10 points from a week ago. Tyson Foods from 50 percent of the 120,000 U.S. employees vaccinated the first of August, when the mandate was announced, to 91 percent at the end of September. A long but incomplete one list of mandated companies including Google, Facebook, Twitter, Goldman Sachs, Walgreens, Disney, and Morgan Stanley. Conde Nast, parent company of WIRED, has one as well.

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