Revenue Revealed by Twitch Streamers. Now, This is a Meme

Usually on Twitch, the screaming shout “Let’s go first five, baby!” refers to a leading video game. Now, to wake up to a breach of disaster data, the gaming world is focused on a new leaderboard: one that ranks streamers according to how much money they get from Twitch.

A serious controversy washed over the internet on Wednesday after an anonymous 4chan user leak 125 GB of data from the streaming platform, which includes payment information on more than 10,000 Twitch streamers. plucked out forcibly confirmed the breach at a later date, said a change to the server configuration allowed a “malicious third party” to access the data. Revenue data, which revolves around subscriptions, donations and ads between August 2019 to October 2021, went viral immediately on 4chan, Twitter, Reddit, and other social media. (Many streamers state that the information is generally accurate, even if the Twitch payment does not represent their sole source of revenue.) And while streamers are understandably concerned about the potential privacy risks associated with data breach , many are also meme-ing for money and, as usual, can monetize memes.

“NUMBA 6 BEGS FOR PRIMES,” top streamer Ludwig Ahgren headlined on his livestream yesterday, aimed at Twitch’s Prime Subscription. Twenty-four thousand spectators asked. Scrolling through a website that organizes payment information on a leaderboard, Ahgren typed in different usernames into the streamers to see what they were doing. (The website has been taken down.) At one point, Ahgren called another streamer, Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo, to continue the gossip festival. “Number six!” Rinaudo shouts to greet Ahgren. “You have to scroll to see my number. That’s embarrassing.”

“I didn’t want to hide what I was doing, so I went down so I could make a meme,” Ahgren told WIRED. “I had a meme for a while: more numbers, better people. That’s what it feels like to be an interior creator, directly agreeing on your value as a person how big, how much you earn. ”(Ludwig confirmed he earned about $ 3.3 million through Twitch subscriptions, bits, and ads between late 2019 to October 2021.)

Throughout the day yesterday, streamers and their fans focused on their favorite gaming celebrities through their numbers on the now -defunct Twitch earnings leaderboard. On the popular Twitch gossip subreddit r / LivestreamFail, posted titles like “ # 6 conversations at # 23,” “ # 137’s worst nightmare” or even “ # 6, # 188, # 264, # 280, # 269, # 343, # 414, # 550, # 1049 and # 1905 work together to defeat # 28. ”

Part of the meme’s enthusiasm comes just from the big payouts to the streamers. According to released data, the top 81 streamers each earned more than $ 1 million via Twitch from late 2019. The top five earned more than $ 5 million each. While the financial information is explosive, it’s not news that some streamers are making millions. In fact, savvy viewers can calculate the revenue information calculation of some streamers on their own, without the need for leakage. Most subscriptions for streamers with Partner status cost $ 5 and Twitch takes 50 percent of the revenue. So if a Partnered streamer has 50 subscribers paying $ 5 a month, the streamer will get $ 125 a month just from the subscriptions. In addition, streamers will earn money from Bit donations (which come from Twitch skims of 30 percent) and companion program ads (which come from Twitch skims of 20 to 30 percent), according to Alex Curry, gaming influencer marketing strategist at Upfluence.

“This leak highlights what revenue can be, and we’re just talking about revenue directly from Twitch itself (subs + ads + bits),” Curry said. That’s not the whole picture of streamer revenues. “In numbers, you can add brand partnerships, sponsorships, sales, and donations. That’s why leading streamer reality is higher than this.” The real mystery, at least to the public, is how many we streamers of money from private deals.And those numbers – which are not included in the hacker’s throw of data – could be huge.Yesterday, in a spreadsheet, Ahgren shares that between late 2019 and October 2021, he earned $ 3,000,000, or 44 percent of his revenue, from sponsors.

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