How to Help Cope with Climate Change: Applications and Steps Needed

the Earth Hero The app (iOS, Android) helps you calculate, track, and reduce your own carbon footprint, and it connects users to climate action groups. You can set emission reduction targets for yourself, browse proposed actions based on IPCC recommendations, track your progress, and engage with a community of climate activists. . Each action has an explanation of its relevance and importance, along with tips for different levels of implementation.

Good Empire (IOS, Android) is a new social app whose mission is to “gather, unite, and empower an empire of good people to save the royal world.” The Good Empire has challenges that focus on direct actions that individuals can take to help reduce their carbon emissions and plastic waste, address hunger and poverty in their communities and around the world, and empower those. woman and woman. Actions must have measurable effects and be consistent with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Good Empire was only launched in September 2021. a community platform with a mission to “empower informed consumers around the world.” Brightly featured news about zero waste, sustainable fashion, sustainable economy, clean beauty, thoughtful consumption, DIY, and eco-friendly recipes. The Brightly app (iOS, Android) offers monthly eco-challenges and community chat groups. Brightly Shop connects users to validate ethical and sustainable brands and small businesses to facilitate the assumption of thoughtful consumption.

I’m not saying that the best way to alleviate climate anxiety is to hurry up and buy lots of environmentally friendly products, but we is all consumers, whether we like it or not, and our purchases have a direct impact on climate change. If we can choose brands and products that are truly ethical and sustainable, it will help shift the culture to more sustainable options.

Carbon Offset Tools

Carbon offsets are not a solution alone for climate change: It’s a “pollution compensation” approach that will only work if companies and individuals do everything possible to reduce emissions. However, they can be used as a useful role in funding projects that reduce emissions and raise awareness about climate change. For an individual, carbon offsets are a tangible way to augment other actions. There are many apps that allow you to calculate and track your carbon footprint, pledge actions, and donate to emission reduction projects.

the Climate app (IOS, Android) allows users to fund science -supported projects that can be tracked in real time. Climate selects the projects with the most impacts according to Project planning ranking, supports programs designed to address the UN Sustainable Development Objectives, and certified the projects to an independent third party. Even if you don’t have a lot of donations, it adds up collectively. a program that keeps user emissions away from flying and traveling. In addition to funding new emission reduction projects such as renewable energy, is planting trees for long-term impact. It offers a directory of climate -positive gifts, carbon awareness and education, and purpose setting for low -carbon living.

Ecosia a search engine app (iOS and Android) and extension for all major browsers that automatically offset every internet search you make through the service. Ecosia plants one tree for every 50 searches. It’s free to use and we get it through clicks on the ads. Ecosia sells itself as a carbon-negative search engine, meaning it generates more renewable energy than is needed to run its servers, and exports clean electricity back to the grid. Ecosia has built solar plants to provide 100 percent clean energy to drive its searches.

Community Support Resources

Thanks to technology, climate concern support is available anywhere there is an internet connection. Pre-Covid, many support offerings are only available in person in urban centers or in the home communities of organizations. Today, circles and support groups meet online, and we make friends all over the world.

This past spring, I was almost involved in Good Luck Networkthe 10 Steps to Personal Competence and Empowerment in a Confused Climate program. Each week, I join 13 other strange people from around the world to process our difficult emotions about climate change, examine our own privilege, and build resilience. on the individual and community. This is hands-down the most helpful resource I have come across to navigate climate anxiety.

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