The 8 Best Barefoot Shoes (2021): For Running or Walking

You were born feet, and growing body of the evidence suggests you should have stayed that way. The technology and padding of modern shoes protects your feet, however protection is not always what you want. The feet are made to stretch, move, rotate, and bend, and allow them to do what they are accustomed to do. reduce impact damage and provide many benefits.

That said, please don’t buy a pair of these almost there shoes and start walking or running as often as you have them. That won’t work, and can lead to damage. You need to be quick with all the shoe-related things, and to some degree, you need to know how to walk and run. In this tutorial, we have advice on switching from padded shoes to “barefoot shoes” (also known as minimalist or zero-drop shoes), and we’ve included our favorite shoes. They are as close as you can get to the sensation of barefoot barefoot with the signs “No shirt, no shoes, no service.”

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Updated September 2021: We updated the Merrell Vapor Glove to the latest version, and added Vivobarefoot Addis, and Freet Tanga. We also updated the prices and links throughout.

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