Why James Bond Doesn’t Use an iPhone

No Time To the it’s about to come our way, and many James Bond fanatics are excited to see the spy use smart gadgets to save the day. But did he really use the best technology to get the job done? We don’t think so. Laser Polaroid camera, who?

Before we get into what real-life skills should be used, let’s look at what Bond set to use his long-running latest outing. Thanks for closing the cinematic on the pandemic, the movie show Nokia 3310, Nokia 7.2, and Nokia 8.3 5G. Release dates for these phones come in 2000, September 2019, and October 2020, respectively.

Even looking at the past may not be a union of Britain’s fictional superspy and iphone, a brand that captured just 0.7 percent of the smartphone market in Q4 last year, mobile mobiles aren’t hard to break people’s bad technology — and maybe that’s not a good thing.

James Hadley, CEO and founder of Immersive Labs—A cybersecurity training and skills platform – and formerly Government Communications at UK headquarters said this about Bond’s timeless mobile choices: “If Bond is given an older phone in Android, he needs to check Q has updated the OS to avoid new software vulnerabilities. . ”

Hadley, however, saw the merit of older phones, but it was not practical for a modern spy. “There are some people who believe that using‘ dumb phones ’ – devices before the smartphone were less software -dependent — would keep them more secure,” he said.

So, for older phones, it’s about preparing them so they won’t be easily affected. As Hadley said, the fingers that cross the Q are smart when it comes to modern security threats and not just deadly ballpoint pens. Jake Moore, a cybersecurity expert at internet security firm Eset and a former police officer, explained: “Often older devices have multiple security threats, but if a device is set up correctly there is limited user control and customized settings. tweaking, then counter-surveillance, anti-surveillance will balance the selection system used and other flaws. ”

What if Bond uses a bleeding technology, which is the latest? Well, we know from the director of another joint Daniel Craig, Rian Johnson of Knives, that James Bond can be free to use an iPhone if a deal needs to be struck. Revealed by the director in an interview with Vanity of Justice that Apple allowed movie villains from using the latest and greatest devices.

However, a iPhone Wouldn’t be a good option for 007. “Undetectable phones with anti-surveillance, anti-interception, and location-spoofing functionality are a must for James Bond. An iPhone, even if formatted, can never offer this capability to ensure that tracking is not an option, “says Moore.” The security of an iPhone is impressive enough for the normal user, but on threats like Pegasus often, making it difficult for a spy to use safely and reliably. ”

Pegasus a piece of NSO (an Israeli technology company) spyware that affects the iPhone that can copy messages, record calls, and even access the camera. Apple responded with releasing drugs to fix bugs thought to be exploited by Pegasus.

“Pegasus spyware will undoubtedly be used by enemies to target James Bond if he has an iPhone,” Moore said. “While an iPhone can be great for taking photos of explosions and car chases, any download of embassy blueprints or covert raids should be done on a locked terminal managed by a specialist team, within a secure network, ”Hadley said.

However, there is also more to it than Pegasus, which has a new “explosive” spyware report looking at additional concerns related to security experts iOS, citing Apple’s closed ecosystem approach that restricts their ability to use monitoring tools and perform the audits necessary to highlight vulnerabilities.

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