Apple iPad Review (2021): Boring but Perfectly Good

Apple just now sells a tablet with a physical Home button, thick borders around the screen, and Lightning port: the new ninth generation iPad. It’s the same one too in the lineup supporting the old first-gen Apple Pencil.

You’re probably wondering why you like these dated looks. There is a USB-C port on new iPad Mini, for example, will allow you to recharge the tablet using the same cable you use for your MacBook. Mini’s support for the second gen Apple Pencil also means there’s an effortless way to store and recharge it. But the answer is simple: price. With the price jumping of the new iPad Mini to $ 499, the $ 329 machine is now the cheaper iPad.

There have been very few upgrades this year-there’s a better processor and an improved front-facing camera. But unless you’re looking for an iPad to easily navigate by editing 4K video footage and photo batches, or you’re relying on it as your final sketchbook, this model remains the best option for most people. It manages all that normally tasks that are very perfect. You know, like word processing, streaming TV shows and movies, reading ebooks and books, and taking note. It’s not glamorous or glamorous, but your wallet is so thankful.

Function Beyond Form

Photo: Apple

The ninth-generation iPad didn’t get the same change as this year iPad Mini. Apple reverted to the old scheme, retaining the headphone jack and the Home button (with Touch ID). It’s a bit lighter, so it’s easy to carry, and because of the thicker bezels around the screen, it feels more secure in my hands when I use it.

Apple finally brought its Tone Tone technology to the 10.2-inch screen. Like the iPhone, the brightness temperature and color temperature automatically adjust depending on the ambient lighting conditions. Nice touch. You also get more storage on the standard model than before, but 64 GB still feels a bit lacking.

More importantly, the 1.2-megapixel front camera has been upgraded to a 12-megapixel ultrawide sensor. The quality was noticed to be better, but the camera setup was still not good. With video calls for landscape orientation, you’re forced to look to the side, which feels unnatural.

To test this combat, Apple includes Center Stage support like you’ll find on the new iPad Mini and The iPad Pro. This feature shows the camera to keep you in the frame as you move around an interior, and it zooms out if it recognizes more than one person. It’s still not a solution for poor camera placement, but it’s easy to use to make double duty video calling your parents and cooking at the same time. You don’t have to worry about leaving the frame.

Courtesy of Apple

As such, it is not perfect. I was on an iPad video call with my editor, but when my roommate walked in and sat on a couch in the back, the camera kept zooming out so they could fit into the frame-which is exactly the opposite of I want.

Equally annoying is the fact that this iPad also doesn’t have a fully laminated display, which means there’s a gap between the glass and the screen. It’s not exactly handwriting, so if you’re planning to use an Apple Pencil more, you might be good at upgrading to another model.

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