Vizio M-Series Quantum (2021) Review: Available and Worth the Mantle

Even as suppliers struggle to keep going with demand, this is a good time to buy one new TV. The middle market is more competitive than ever. You can get a lot now

The Vizio M-Series is one of the best in a nearly equivalent set. There it is full dot for brighter colors, local darkness for deeper blacks, a variable refresh rate for play, and a current price-at 55 inches-under $ 700. TV that detects all boxes as long as they arrive. If you’re in the market for a new flatscreen, that’s good news for your wallet.

The Black Box

If you’re shopping in person, it’s hard to choose between good mid-range TVs because they’re so similar. Look, the M-Series is no different. Like the various half-priced models from TCL, Samsung, and LG, these are about an inch and a half thick with relatively thin bezels. It comes with a full-featured plastic remote with some hot keys for streaming services.

Photo: Vizio

You want to wall-mount this one unless you have a large TV stand. It has legs that are almost at the ends, rather than a center pedestal, which means you need a stand that is only as far as the TV itself. That won’t work on every sin.

All this because Vizio’s overall business model is to take top-tier technology and put it into something affordable. That means compromising aesthetics. So you can’t get thin razors here, but you can ACT get the best of Vizio’s backlighting technology and iQ processing engine.

The company’s local dimming backlighting tech can be turned off or forgotten based on the content being played. In darker scenes, some of the 32 backlighting zones are able to hit different lights, so you’re less gray and have a closer look at black.

Local darkness is not as good as organic LED, or “OLED” technology, where each pixel has its own backlight, but it definitely improves the contrast quality. Vizio’s technological prowess is fully demonstrated in this new M-Series. Watching darker performances like Strange things and The Mandolorian, I’ve noticed that everything can still look clean and tidy, with just a touch of light blooming (where you get a mix around bright objects of dark backgrounds).

I have to keep in mind that this model has HDMI 2.1 ports-an earlier model in the 2021 M-Series that had HDMI 2.0 ports, but it’s fixed. This upgraded port supports the eArc standard for quick soundbar setup that is immediately attached to the remote TV. And you must use a soundbar or a bunch of speakers, because the TV audio is a bit tinny, even if it sounds better than thin TVs.

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