10 City Management and Crafting Games for Armchair Tycoons

Before the children and other responsibilities, if I’m always skipping a little time, playing management sims is one of my favorite things to do. I spend countless days building on Sim Tower, How easy, ug Theme Park. I run a studio in The Movies, runs a menagerie in Zoo Tycoon, and built the pyramids of PHARAOH. My villains lair in Dungeon Keeper 2 and Evil Genius incomparable. I built indestructible castles in fortress, and I drowned days in Game Story with Dev—A game about making games.

These games are the perfect foil to multiplayer madness, offering a table that is satisfying to turn around for one. Growing up with kids, I found myself having a little more time to scratch the management and build up the itch, and these were the games that sucked me back.

A note for potential gamers: While there are always console versions, attend to get better control and more depth when you play on the PC.

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