The U.S. is about to begin its controversial covid booster campaign

Disagreement: Booster shots are controversial. A group of leading scientists, including FDA and WHO experts, have published a review of The Lancet on Monday arguing that booster shots are not necessary because vaccines are still too effective to prevent serious illness and death. In addition, they say, vaccine supplies could save more lives if they are used for unvaccinated people than for the cure of the vaccinated. That’s what WHO did asks with rich countries to stop giving them until much of the world is vaccinated.

Unequal distribution: The U.S. joins the UK, UAE, France, Germany and Israel, which are also launching booster programs. For example, in the UK, a launch of booster shots of all over 50 will begin after officials gave the green light last week. Meanwhile, at least 4% of the African population is totally vaccinated, compared to 70% of adults in the EU. In the US, it is 55%, a number that has kept the head from moving in recent weeks. Earlier this week, President Biden announced that the U.S. would purchase an additional 500 million doses of the vaccine to be distributed to other parts of the world, bringing the total commitment to more than a billion.

Shole: Millions of Americans are likely to try to get a third shot. A YouGov poll this summer it was found that three out of five vaccinated Americans get one if it becomes available. Due to the confusing nature of the U.S. vaccine launch, it’s hard to prevent people who play the system from getting a third shot even if they’re not technically competent.

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