‘The Internet Remains Undefeated’ Must Be Defeated

The big boat stabbed in the Suez Canal, Oprah waved at Meghan and Harry with her hands “Stop it”, all the Teletubbies grabbed the blue one while the sun was watching the baby sun, a photo bashing trans athletes shared by Donald Trump Jr. to encapsulate only the error of 2021, but in four words that always appear next to them and countless others, in captions as well as comments: “The internet remains undefeated.”

Sure you’ve seen these words, but you probably haven’t read them. (Congratulations on your strength.) An apolitical, amoral stand-in equally for lol, manguyab nimo, ug thanks, used for both schadenfreude and firgun, “The internet remains undefeated” is the internet in phrases about the internet, there is everywhere and everywhere, which means everything and nothing. Such a beautiful expression – until you put it back.

The internet remains undefeated. the internet STUCK not defeated. The internet STUCK not defeated.

The more I encountered these words, the more they melted me into horrible fear. Not just the rotten onion in their mistake: When did the internet victory begin? What, or who, did it not lose? Ourselves, perhaps. But why do so many of us brag about reminding ourselves that we have lost ourselves? And what can, can, should defeat the internet like? But my rejection of the saying is also due to its underlying sentiment. The real horror of “The internet remains undefeated” is that it is always used by light -hearted people, despite being exposed to the deepest darkness of our online lives, a darkness that we have become blind or not.

Searches on The term “undefeated internet” suggests that the oldest continued use of the horrible phrase may belong to Timothy Hall (@peoplescrtic), a film critic and meme lord from Seattle. This morning on August 12, 2013, he posted on Instagram a meme of a sighed Russell Westbrook, the mercurial NBA dynamo, is photoshopping on a character selection screen from the arcade classic Mortal Combat, with the caption, “The internet remains undefeated.” It’s a use of the book, the kind Hall says he has been spreading on social media and in group chats in the years from. For him, the proverb refers to the internet as the best equivalent in the world. “You can be POTUS,” he said, “or you can be a soccer mom yelling at a game, unaware that you’ve taken a movie. It’s all fair game to be a meme. Maybe POTUS made you a meme, or maybe my 14-year-old nephew. the turn of others. ”

But Hall can’t make the commitment for guiding the phrase; He said it really should have been taken from someone on the internet. “If anyone claims to have invented it,” he added, “they will be defeated on the internet. That’s the beauty of it.”

To a broad group of social media users like Hall, “the internet remains undefeated” on its face, a simple expression of joy, or nostalgia for a more enjoyable time in internet. Ryan Milner, a professor of internet culture at the College of Charleston and author of The Whole World Became a Meme, says the phrase going back to a time between almost 2003 and 2013, where the internet “still says etc. place that does not work and may violate real -world rules. ”This is a good result of early YouTube and message boards like Something Awful, 4chan, and Reddit, “if you see a lot of subcultural activity and creating content that becomes a tone setter for people more online.” So in 2021, people are commenting that “The internet remains undefeated” with a good development of memes about Bernie Sanders and his beauties or the misunderstanding between your autumn plans and the Delta variety, because it remembers when online life seemed less about livestream mass murder and being killed by algorithmic democracy and more about rickrolling and lolcats. At a high level, according to Milner, the words “are a way of some kind of gratitude when the spirit of the first collective creativity online is revived.”

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