Microsoft Surface Duo 2: Details, Price, Release Date

Two October ago, Microsoft has unveiled the long -running double -digit it filmed device, named the Above the Duo. No one bought it.

That’s not really true. Some people buy it. Even the mobile device was hit by glitchy software and Microsoft’s shocking product categorization. The company’s product chief Panos Panay, refuses to call it a phone, even if it runs on Android and makes a phone call. And he strongly believes that a pocket device that runs multiple apps on two separate screens will send people into a seemingly lifeless state for work.

But Microsoft continues to iterate, as companies with trillion-dollar market coverage can do so, and now it has produced the next version of the handset, the Surface Duo 2. It would have already started shipping one months from now, and the price of its sticker has Phone Power: $ 1,499. It’s also undoubtedly a phone. Microsoft is ready to recognize that fact at this time. The new Duo is still supporting 5G.

The Surface Duo 2 is also erected as something non-original — a phone: a fun phone. When Panay performed the first Duo, he talks about staying “in the flow” a countless number of times, as writing long emails is part of life. Then, in August of 2020, when it was actually launched, the context for the Duo shifted. It’s no longer a work device, it’s a device from home. You can still reply to its emails, but you can also search for bread recipes or watch Netflix simultaneously. (Lots of screen time, you think? Here are two screens in one.)

Now, the new Surface Duo 2 for phone things. More notably, it has a rear camera module on the back. The first Surface Duo had only one front camera, and you had to flap it back to use it like a rear camera. The Surface Duo 2’s rear module is a notable one, but it has three cameras you’ll want in a modern phone: a wide -angle camera, an ultrawide, and a telephoto. The front-facing camera is a bit improved as well. If you snap photos using the Surface Duo 2, you can use one screen as a viewfinder and the other as a display for your shot photo. Want to edit your photo remotely? One screen is your palette, while the other becomes a giant panel for fixing brightness, exposure, and diversity. Swipe, and you can access 15 more photo editing options, all on the same page.

If the Surface Duo 2 ships it will run Android 11, and as of last time, some key Microsoft Office applications have been optimized for split screens. But who really needs to spend so much time on email ?! Use it for casual games instead: One touchscreen displays the game while the other touchscreen acts as a controller. During a prelaunch demo, a vice president for Microsoft, an old man, showed me how to optimize TikTok for the Surface Duo 2. (He left any responsibility for anything shown on For For the App Page. Good luck for both of us, the first video was a cat video.)

The hardware of the Surface Duo 2 has also been updated. It’s thicker than last year’s Duo, by a haircut. This is partly because it runs on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 5G chip platform, and the 5G modem requires a little more space. But the corners of the Duo 2 are closed a bit, and the glass behind the twins looks cool and beautiful. As it is a iPad Mini, if an iPad Mini has a giant seam in the middle and folds in half. And runs on Android.

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