Died of Covid Anxiety? Holding a Hand Game

As of now, officially over the summer. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, the temperature is falling. Winter is almost here. This is the perfect time to get out and enjoy the last days of moderate weather before the cold comes. This fall, sadly, like the previous one, is different for most. Covid-19 is still spreading, and as more and more people (but few in general) are being vaccinated, the relationship is complicated. That’s what I packed Nintendo Switch.

Maybe that needs an explanation. Not in my play Guardian of the Spirit while my friends hung out around me. I’m not a monster. That’s why with extroverion comes more anxiety – not just because it’s practically safe, but because I’m not used to all of it. Suddenly, such social conditions require more energy than ever before and the recharge time is longer. Having a Quick Use is useful for those biting multiple moments of decompression between activities – on trains, waiting for people to arrive. Right now it’s hard to find the time to even sit back and watch Netflix for 20 minutes, so having a device with a handle provides an opportunity for connecting in a constantly connected world. It has become very important.

It doesn’t help that there is no rest now. The news headlines are scary, the pandemic is still going on, the school is going on but in a much different (and even more shocking) way than a few years ago — and it’s in addition to all the usual tensions of daily life. It’s hard to find time to recharge because there’s no rest.

It’s almost confusing that it’s time to play the hand that has become more important than ever. Game Boy, like Taylor Swift, came out in 1989; those Coleco football games were almost a decade before that. In the 30 staggering years since, smartphones have gotten the functionality necessary for gaming on the go, and yet here I am, with a Switch in my wallet. Makadula Guardian of the Spirit or Cozy Grove it is very necessary. As part of an ever-growing variety of sweet, quiet games that have come out over the years, they don’t demand a lot of time or attention. Igo ra. Now it’s hard to imagine life without them.

But when my Switch battery is low, I know that Apple Arcade is also good for this kind of game. Since it’s a subscription-based model, I can drop out and have no games and not feel guilty if nothing is done. Alba: A Wildlife Adventure, for example, the complete escape as I navigate the realities of the world around me.

Sometimes it feels awkward or rude to breathe out of the world, especially when you’re in public, and come out with a video game (another reason why mobile gaming is such a good option-no one is watching twice with the same person on their phone). But it is important to remember that rest is not a bad thing. It doesn’t hide from the world, it provides its own tools to deal with it. Thinking about how to go through, any way you can, is the most important thing now. We owe it to ourselves – and to each other.

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