Amazon Introduces Three New Kindle Paperwhites

As it is, Amazon’s Kindle is an almost-perfect device-a palm-sized tablet that can take your entire library on a weekend trip and has a month’s battery life. Maybe that’s why it took Amazon so long to fix it. For the first time since 2018, Amazon has announced an upgrade to the Paperwhite — or, in fact, leakage.

As of now, Amazon’s step to walkThe r now comes in three versions: a standard model for $ 140, a signature edition for $ 190, and a baby version for $ 160. All current Kindles also get one updated interface, too, which you can see if you have one. Not only does this 14 -year product remain, we expect it to be a much better read than ever before.

Photo: Amazon

Bigger and brighter

All three of the new Paperwhites have 6.8-inch screens, which are slightly larger than the original 6-inch model, if a little more fraction than the top-tier 7-inch Kindle Oasis. However, the new screens have an adjustable warm white light mode in Oasis, as well as a dark mode. In addition, the screen can be up to 10 percent brighter when at max brightness.

The base model gets an impressive 10 weeks of battery life-4 weeks more than the old version-and the long-awaited fast charging USB-C port. But perhaps the more interesting new look is that pages can turn 20 percent faster. When I tried out a Kindle for the first time, I almost put it in a drawer forever; who knew that turning on a digital page could have a more annoying downfall than turning on an analog one?

If you go for the signature Paperwhite, you get all of the above, plus an additional 32 gigabytes of storage instead of the current chip 8. The signature version also has an auto-adjusting light sensor, which helps external reading, as well as wireless charging capabilities.

The 2018 version of the Paperwhite is rated IPX8, which means it can withstand immersion for up to 60 minutes in two meters of fresh water. All three versions in the lineup also have an IPX8 waterproof rating, which means your kids can once again read by the pool. As in the original Kindle Kids Edition, you get a free 1 year subscription to Amazon Kids +, which is Amazon’s subscription platform for movies, books, and children’s games. You also get a two -year worry -free warranty and a protective cover.

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