Nicki Minaj’s Friends Injury Balls Week Dominated Twitter

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Sometimes, society just has to say the wrong thing at the right time. This week, that thing was Nicki Minaj tweeting about her cousin’s friend balls.

Come back. On Monday, as some of the most fashionable people in the world were delivered with Gala in New York City, the rapper tweet the following: “They want you to be vaccinated for the Met. if vaccinated is not [be] for the Met. Once I feel like I’ve done enough research. I do that now. In the meantime my dear ones, you are safe. Wear the mask with 2 ropes that hold your head and face. That’s not loose. “It’s OK. For someone with more than 22 million followers, skepticism about the vaccine is not ideal, but at least Minaj encourages wearing a mask.

Shortly after that, came the tweet that will dominate the internet for many days to come. “My cousin in Trinidad cannot get the vaccine. His theses swelled. Her friend was a few weeks away from getting married, now the woman has stopped getting married. Just pray about it and make sure you are comfortable with your decision, not being bullied. “Oh boy, where to start? Rejecting the fact that it’s as if Minaj’s cousin’s friend contracted a sexually transmitted infection, it’s a kind of commentary that spreads, well, like an STI.

First the reactions came to what Minaj mentioned. If you don’t already know how to play out the Covid Controversies, here’s TLDR: Most people come to explain that vaccines have no effect on birth and that people have to, you know, get them, and others jumped to thank Minaj for supporting “release”And to try to claim that governments that offer initiation are any coercion.

Go to the next level. The hosts of the night had already started coming in with jabs. Fox News ’Tucker Carlson defended Minaj’s tweet, saying“ our media and public health officials don’t like the public. [it] because they make people kind. “The white house offered to connect Minaj with doctors to discuss part of her concerns. Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Anthony Fauci demolished claiming infertility from a tweet in a CNN interview. If all that wasn’t enough, Terrence Deyalsingh, the health minister of Trinidad and Tobago, where Minaj’s cousin lives, gave a press conference on Wednesday explaining that his department spends most of days before the investigation of Minaj’s claims only to find out, of course, that enlarged testicles were not an effect of the Covid-19 vaccine, and she found no evidence in any case. in Trinidad. “Unfortunately we wasted a lot of time yesterday abandoning this false claim,” he said.

In fact, of all the shenanigans that have taken place in Minaj’s tweets, this is the wasted time that feels the most lost. Yes, I may be wasting even more time on this column, but listen to me, in another minute. The problem here isn’t that, as Carlson says, Minaj has shown skepticism about the vaccine. No one has ever said that people are not free to make their own decisions. What they say is that those decisions affect the health of others. What they are saying is that we live in a hyperconnected time where all the information in the world is a keystroke, and when someone says they want to do their own research and then offer an anecdote about the a person’s friend’s testicle as a counterargument, that’s untrue research. Heard it. Everything would be different if what Minaj said about the Met Gala and then linked to a report or peer -reviewed study. On the internet, the “just ask” argument is not bad because skepticism is bad. Not really. It’s bad because those questions have answers. It’s not about silencing Nicki Minaj; it’s about hoping he’ll listen.

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