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Everything, it seems, is on the line now. Will mRNA technology be on the verge of pulling us out of the pandemic, or will a subtle, evolving virus take us years of testing, booster shots, uncertainty, and vulnerability? Will AI save us from strange new drugs, materials, and forms of entertainment, or cunningly enslave us into an algorithm-guided world where none of our options are truly ours? Are we going to stop the deadly rise in global temperatures or just slaughter behind higher flood shields and more powerful air-conditioners? Can ransomware, or destroy governments?

While the past decade has seen dramatic acceleration in technology, the past 18 months have begun to see a tectonic change in how we live, work, and connect. The world is repetitive, and RE: WIRED which discusses the many bets society will make if things can be for better than worse.

So join us on November 9 and 10 for a series of lively conversations between technologists, artists, policy makers, and others considering the consequences of technology for society, the economy, continuity, and, ultimately, our future.

What It Is

RE: WIRED is a two -day virtual event around the world that brings together some of the biggest names in technology, business, and culture to discuss the world’s most pressing challenges and how we can solve them.

Who is RE: WIRED?

For more than 25 years, WIRED has been a roadmap to the future. Now, we’re also a user manual for the more futuristic today. Whether you’re concerned about the burgeoning space industry, fearful of climate change, delighted with the promise of genetic medicine, talking about ransomware, or wondering where AI is headed, RE: WIRED is there for you.

Who Will Speak?

  • Modern CEO Stephane Bancel in speaking of Nahid Bhadelia, managing director of the BU Center for Policy and Research on Progressive Infectious Diseases, about the promise and future of mRNA vaccines for everything from influenza to cancer
  • Jen Easterly, director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, in the scourge of ransomware
  • Timnit Gebru, independent scholar and former co-lead of Google Brain’s Ethical AI research team, to create new forms of independent analysis to ensure the benefit of AI development for everyone in society, not just a few
  • Kai-Fu Lee, chairman and CEO of Sinovation Ventures and president of the Sinovation Ventures Artificial Intelligence Institute, speaking with Kate Crawford, senior researcher at Microsoft Research New York, what the future of AI looks like
  • Author of science fiction Neal Stephenson to build virtual worlds — and fix the real thing

More famous speakers will be announced in the coming weeks, so sign up below for updates.

What Does My Registration Include?

Registration is free to you, and it includes livestreams of all RE: WIRED sessions on November 9 and 10, 2021. You will be the first to get updates about events, and you will have quick access to sign up for self meetings, thinking it is safe to hold them. You can also submit questions to speakers during live shows.

Where Do I Sign Up?

Everything is in Register now, and you’ll get an email with an access link for the live stream 24 to 48 hours before each event date. Please email with other questions.

The future is in our hands, and RE: WIRED is where we talk about how to shape it.

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