Greg LeMond and the Amazing Candy Colored Dream Bike

If you are one child, a bicycle throws freedom. As long as you don’t get a driver’s license, as long as you don’t pay for a car, you can jump on the simple machine that transfers human power-through a simple array of levers, gears, and wheel – to distance and speed. To ride a bike, all you need is a heart, legs, a sense of balance, and maybe a pocket. There is a reason why the bicycle is the route of choice in many disaster movies, from The Barug on The Information. You can inspect gear, raise wheels, and maneuver movement around car accidents or travel across the land in a desert landscape to reunite with your tribe as well.

The beauty of a electricity The bike is that it has a motor that does a lot of work for you. But, of course, it requires plugs, grids, and infrastructure. Depending on your perspective, that means an ebike is a fun way to get as many people in their cars as possible, or it’s an unforgivable violation of a fundamental principle of victimization. It’s like one of those line drawings being either a beautiful princess or an ugly old hag. Look at it one way, you see one thing. You won’t see others until your brain changes.

I tried electric bikes for the WIRED Gadget Lab for many years. For a long time, I thought about these ideological divisions-between what is a bike and what is not, and who rides it, and why-only interested in my colleagues wasting time. eccentrics and hobbyists.

Until the Covid-19 pandemic and the climate change crisis brought my time-wasting, eccentric entertainment to a level of national fame. In a global pandemic, electric bikes have made it easiest for people to move around towns without endangering close contact with too much public transportation. They are also a replacement for the car, a small carbon solution to urban congestion in a world increasingly devastated by climate change.

Even if cities are working to encourage ebikes, they also need to regulate it-which means knowing exactly what an ebike is. is. It’s very easy to tell an analog bike by looking at it-two wheels, a few pedals, and a finished frame. But some ebikes are like heavy, small cars, with big wheels and payloads forward and far. Some look similar to motorcycles, except with two vestigial pedals.

In order to maintain the constant delineation of the boundary between electric bikes, electric scooters, and electric motorcycles as defined, several governing bodies have imposed arbitrary restrictions. They vary by town, county by county, and state by state. Within city limits, an ebike can only help riders of up to 20 miles per hour. In some areas, it may not be a throttle. SOMETIMES it is considered a motor vehicle and is prohibited in public parking lots, however SOMETIMES it is allowed by the passages.

Confused. I can’t get them in the car line because they can’t get past 20 mph (unless sometimes they can?). On the other hand, riding one on the bike line is a surefire way to get everyone – cars, cyclists, pedestrians, dogs – staring at me.

Most companies want their electric bikes to be recognized as legal as bicycles, and for their customers to enjoy the same freedoms and safety protections as other cyclists. Anyone can ride a bike; for scooters and motorcycles, you need a license.

However, there is a smooth way out of this legal, logistic difference that the ebike world has made for itself. You just make electric bikes look and feel really like analog bikes, and treat them like that. And no one wants to make a bikier ebike more than LeMond. You just have to find a photo of him from back in the 80s-mouth open, amazed at his surprise figure for the camera-to feel a strange surprise and excitement at the sport, at young and the world opens up before you, blood pumping into your superhero heart as you prepare to fly up a mountain.

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