If You Live in a Global World, What’s for Sale?

I like a get -rich -quick plan – what are Americans not doing? —And I recently went through a shipment. The idea came like this: Plastic straws are in the line of moral firing, and if they are banned, I think Americans will soon need a way to break down iced coffees.

Twenty metal straws can be found Amazon at $ 10, and I calculated that I could sell them to cafés for $ 1.50 each, and they could charge $ 2 each, and we would all be fine by doing well. But then, as did everyone who pursues accelerated progress, I became selfish. Maybe I can find a cheap wholesaler, an obscure Chinese clearinghouse where metal straws are sold for pennies. Also knowing, that my modest floor space doesn’t hold up a lot of inventory, I’m glad to know that Chinese shipbuilders, after drop-drop-ship-directly to customers.

Naa ko. If I’m offshore not just making but warehousing and packing and shipping straws, I just have to design a different kind of advertising to come; setting up an online shop where each purchase will prompt the wholesaler to release straws to the paying customer; allow the wholesaler to dock my merchant account for a short price; and the markup will go to me. I really don’t have to kitaa the straws, take care shop they or (God forbid) MAKE they were, like some hard -hearted, tireless American industrialists of the 1890s or 1920s. I said get rich easiness.

Finding a wholesaler is easy. You can use Oberlo for that. I chose one called Dunhuangwang (or DHgate) in Beijing for 30-cent metal straws, and I ordered 100 myself to lead the bomb. I have the tools! I have a shipper! Setting up my site for “The Last Straw” on Shopify was also a breeze. Burning with my ambition, I made the site take bitcoin, eyes forward, high on my private good news of wealth. Afterwards I went to Instagram to advertise…

And there was the arrested-22. Of course I could design a beautiful shot of the hero with a stainless-steel straw meant to entice clients inspired by good design and a modern-day lifestyle, if not by the taste of metal in their mouth. But how to see the posts? Even if I pay to promote them, few want them, and I can’t sell to save my life. In order to win customers I have to be one influences, murag. And if I have a formula for being an influence, I can be rich – and be rich. that as easy as getting rich.

The lesson is mind -boggling. It’s not just the influence of construction through smart posts what must do to make a profit in the US, it’s one of the things we Americans do potential do, good (like Kylie Jenner) or bad (like me). Drop-shipping left the college graduate with Andrew Carnegie dreaming of just one task, the class once taught to unpaid young people with trust funds: Go viral with some digital lovers photos.

There is some real economy to it. Most Americans stopped learning to farm or trade a hundred years ago, and after a wide area stopped studying factory work, blue or white collar. Manipulating non -bulky, offline objects, objects with mass like wheat or stainless steel, is no longer a promising field of endeavor.

Ordinary professions like law and medicine are hanging around steadily, but because everyone offers little security, even professors, doctors, lawyers, and accountants see that they have to sell themselves. Meanwhile, people who sell, advertise, and all sorts of customer service are selling, selling, and nothing but marketing, and most of us in the press also end up shilling for ourselves online. .

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