Ways to Stay Calm During a Pandemic (2021): Candles, Plants, and Other Tips

Journaling can be as simple as tapping into your Notes app. But I recommend pen and paper. A simple paper planner can double as a journal, as well as help you keep track of your tasks. Here is the our preferences. I like it too Miquelrius notebooks, because the paper is happily soft.

the Blue Sky Thoughtful Journal ($ 35) good for thinking WHAT in writing. It offers motivations, including intentions and desires; weekly ups and downs; places to describe a perfect day or favorite attribute about yourself; as well as flat pages for free writing.

Gabriela Herstik’s Think Your Magick: A Guide Journal for Modern Magic ($ 15) a good option for witches among us, so that you can guide through your spiritual practice and know yourself a little more.

Read, Read, Read

I was constantly going through a lot of books a month, up to my phone, and after college and work, started spending more of my time. But there is nothing like breaking new BOOKS and settling in a world of substitution. Plus, filling bookhelves is a quick way to decorate and make your sanctuary even hotter.

I prefer real books, but I still know the Turn on. Many ebooks are cheaper than hard copy, and if you have a library card (and if you don’t, what are you waiting for?) you can check out the ebooks for free.

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It’s important to focus on your mental health at this hour, but attending to your physical health can also give you an improvement in the condition.


Some people exercise to relieve stress and calm the mood. I’m not one of those people, but I target their word for it. WIRED review editor Adrienne So put together a tutorial how to exercise from home that will help even the most lazy and most formless (me) to move.

If exercise is more stress-relieving than stress-relieving, but you want to stay active, try yoga. We have some tips on how to do that the perfect yoga space at home, from where to buy a cheap yoga mat how to decorate your corner. Yoga melted my stress and helped build muscle.

Whether your muscles ache from exercising or from slouching your computer for the 100th day in a row, a muscle mask (Also known as a device) can help fix you right away. We love to love Theragun, but there are many options available, such as SKG F5 ($ 129), which increases heat, and does not cause Sharper Image Powerboost ($ 130).

Cleanse Your Mind

ponder a most beneficial tool to feel calm. We’re always plugged into what’s going on in the world, and right now even more, it’s weighing on us. Taking time to meditate, without your phone ringing, will give you even a few minutes of peace.

All you have to do is meditate on yourself and a quiet place. But it can be hard to clear your thoughts and focus on the task that is already there. We have some tips for that how to take advantage of a simple meditation app. Some we would like to include are Headspace app (iOS and Android), with a quick -to -follow beginner’s course, a decent free library of guided reflections, and the comforting voice of British Andy Puddicombe. Unplug (iOS and Android) has a seven -day free trial. Both have short courses, which are perfect for when you really need a break of mind.

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