Apple iPhone 13 launch event: How to Look, What to Expect

Pandemic season The elasticity vortex may have always been on your mind what day is it, but there is at least one security to land on the gadget every fall: Apple launch a new one iPhone. Apple hosted its annual hardware fall event on Tuesday, and, as usual, the entire tech industry (and anyone thinking it’s time to buy a new iPhone) will be looking online-to find out how both Apple is responding to and evolving consumer tech trends.

We know one thing is sure to come next week: There will be a new iPhone with at least two variations. (TBD if you call it the “iPhone 13” or if Apple finds out that the numeral naming combination is starting to get pretty ridiculous.) An early one report from Mark Gurman of Bloomberg suggests that some of the biggest improvements to the new iPhone are camera features, including a higher-quality video format, a bokeh effect for video capture, and ” more brain ”filters. Not surprisingly, the new iPhones will also run on Apple’s latest custom chip, and will eventually reach Samsung’s flagship phones in terms of screen refresh rate. and an investor letter from Wedbush Securities ’Dan Ives it is suggested that the high-end “Pro” model of the new iPhone may have a purchaseable 1 terabyte storage option.

Other roundup rumors point to a revamped design of the iPad mini, as well as new AirPods, as part of the hardware launch in the fall. The invitation to the virtual event will feature a “California streaming” talk and will feature an image that suggests augmented reality will be a part of the event. (There is even one AR easter eggs hidden by the invitee.)

Some of the more meaningful news may be around not available immediately for pre-order next week: Apple Watch. The Apple Watch Series 7 reportedly delayed due to production issues, although some reports also indicated that barriers could be cleared in time for the event. A delay in the production of a well-stocked product suggests that the Series 7 series, whenever it launches, could include a significant design change or the introduction of new features. exceed the run-of-the-mill activity. But it also shows that Apple can’t avoid manufacturing disruptions or supply constraints that affect the rest of the consumer tech industry.

Apple’s hardware crash also happened within an hour of the company’s countdown. This ended the epidemic that has been so strange to date, as many technology companies, with consumers calling for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and web services that enable remote work, learning, exercise, relax, and connect. But Apple’s overall size and influence in our lives has also become a more acute focus this year, amid the Epic trial, the company presence in China, it is controversial decision (unya go back) to scan photos to iCloud, and the same riots within the self -employed in the US. The iPhone launch is no longer an iPhone launch. Again, for a specific set of consumers who are just wondering if they should get a new iPhone… this is an iPhone launch.

How to Watch

Apple’s presentation will begin at 1 pm East, 10 in the Pacific, on Tuesday, September 14. You can stream it to the player above. You can also check out the creek at The Apple website or the company YouTube channel.

You can also watch it in the Apple TV app. Now that Apple has its own streaming service, it also has a dedicated video app on mobile devices, Apple TV boxes, Roku boxes, and some smart TVs. You can open that app and find the option to stream the event on Tuesday whether or not you subscribe to the monthly Apple TV + streaming service.

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