WhatsApp manages the Most Encryption Loop

Few, if any, more has been done to the services to ensure the safety of more people than whatsapp. Since 2016, the messaging platform is already in place end-to-end encryption is enabled-by default, not to mention-for the billions of its users. No complaints there. But if you back up your WhatsApp messages to iCloud or Google Cloud, those conversations no longer have that level of protection, a lesson that was once the head of the Trump campaign. Paul Manafort and others learned the hard way.

To be more clear, this does not mean that WhatsApp’s encryption is anything wrong, or anyone is spying on your messages. (Unless there’s a subpoena.) It’s a hollow, unique WhatsApp function that relies on other people’s clouds to store your stuff. Now, thanks to some clever cryptography, the Facebook-owned company has cooked up in a way that shut it down.

Over the next few weeks, WhatsApp will provide an update that adds up end-to-end encryption of backups, should you choose. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the share of a Facebook post this morning. It’s a complex solution to a long -standing issue, and one that sets a standard for companies that don’t want to rely too much on the world’s security. small dominant cloud providers.

“We’ve been working on this problem for many years and in order to build it, we need to come up with a brand new design for critical storage and cloud storage that will be available across operating systems across the board. world, ”said WhatsApp product manager Calvin Pappas.

To better understand that solution, it helps to clarify the problem. WhatsApp encrypts messages between senders and recipients; the service will not see them at any point on that journey, nor after their arrival. (An exception here is that if you report a message being abused, it can be reviewed by WhatsApp contractors. This will not break or damage its end-to-end encryption; if someone receives a message it can they can show it to anyone they want. Encryption is not magic!) So far so good. The potential trouble will start if you back up your messages to iCloud or Google Cloud, which are not end-to-end encrypted, which instead can be handed over to Apple or Google for law enforcement if it will knock.

“A lot of companies’ services run in different corporate clouds, and cloud security is not under their management, ”said Riana Pfefferkorn, a researcher scholar at the Stanford Internet Observatory. No, he said, that Apple or Google or any other cloud provider should be insecure. But the adage “the cloud is just someone else’s computer,” and the responsibilities it carries, applies whether you’re an individual uploading some photos from your phone or a company with billions of users in mind.

WhatsApp does not integrate with Google Cloud or iCloud. But it will allow you to encrypt your backups before they go to the clouds in the first place. Think of it like giving a secret message to a courier. If you write them in plain English and they get caught, you’re toasting. But if you write it in a code that they themselves don’t even know the meaning of, all you give is a bunch of squiggles and dots.

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