Vaccine Mandates and Boosters – What Does It All Mean?

Last Thursday, President Biden announced several new methods to combat Covid-19. Leading among them: Many vaccine mandates are coming. Today, businesses that employ more than 100 workers must ask employees to be vaccinated, or to perform a negative Covid test each week. Biden also doubled down on his decision to offer booster shots to fully vaccinated Americans, a move that has faced some pressure from world health leaders, and from other countries that are not fully vaccinated. their own citizens.

This week at the Gadget Lab, we spoke with WIRED senior writer Maryn McKenna about the behavior of vaccine promoters. Afterwards, Adam Rogers joined us to break down the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate announcements.

Show Notes

Read Maryn’s story about U.S. permission shot amplifying the vaccine. Read Adam’s story of how to do it the vaccine is prescribed the right way. And his story about data on ivermectin. He also wrote about the ethics of first treat vaccinated patients. Read Angela Watercutter’s story about the trailer for the new movie Matrix.


Adam recommended the show Homeland: Fort Salem. Lauren recommends trailer for the new Matrix cinema. Mike recommended the show on Netflix At the Top.

Maryn McKenna can be seen on Twitter @marynmck. Adam Rogers is on @jetjocko. Lauren Goode is at @LaurenGoode. Michael Calore is on @snackfight. Bling the main hotline at @GadgetLab. The show was performed by Boone Ashworth (@booneashworth). Our theme music by Solar Keys.

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