There’s a gig the size of a worker on Biden’s vaccination mandate plan

Falling into gaps: As in we have written before, paid termination of employment may be an excellent vaccine incentive. But once again, Biden’s mandate only covers as many employers as 100 or more. Gig workers are not mentioned in the policy, even if they stand to benefit the most from policies that would impose a loss of hourly income, and create a significant and growing proportion of the U.S. workforce. Nor do the mandates help the unemployed, he added 8.4 million American.

Why he did it: Biden had previously bet that incentives like money, food, and beer could help encourage people to get vaccinated, even though 80 million people have yet to get shot. Only 177 million Americans are fully vaccinated, of which only 62.5% are eligible, and only 52% of the total population. In short, he tried the carrot method – now he chooses the stick.

With the U.S. still reporting on 150,000 new cases a day, as Biden placed responsibility for the dire situation before the move, and he bets that many Americans are equally feel. Speaking directly to unresolved people, he said: “We are patient. But our patience was running low. And your refusal causes us all. ”

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