‘The Green Knight’ Is Not For Everyone

David Lowery’s new film The Green Knight puts a modern twist on the classic Arthurian story “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.” Fantasy writer Lara Elena Donnelly Embraced the unrealistic, quality desire of the film.

“I like a kind of living in the movie world as it happens, without the movie telling me,‘ This is what’s happening now, and this is why it’s happening, ’” Donnelly said in Episode 483 of Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy podcast “It’s a wild ride as it goes on.”

Fantasy writer Christopher M. Cevasco enjoyed some parts of the film, but in the end it was hard to connect. “There are certain elements of it that stay with me-really powerful visuals that scare me,” he said. “But in the end that’s part of everything I can remember about the movie, those visuals. It’s all in my memory.”

Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy host David Barr Kirtley that warns The Green Knight strict for the art house host. “It’s a movie where if people are like, ‘Do I have to watch this movie?’ I would say, ‘How do you feel about beautiful movies?’ “He said.” If you like fancy movies, really watch it. One hundred percent. And if you hate fancy movies and you can’t stand it, don’t watch it, you will never watch it. like. ”

Fantasy writer Erin Lindsey there is a mixed feeling about The Green Knight, but is thankful that it has a strong artistic vision. “I want to see more of it,” he said. “I want to see more fantasy changing for fences, and not repeating the same old stuff over and over again.”

Listen to their full conversation with Lara Elena Donnelly, Christopher M. Cevasco, and Erin Lindsey in Episode 483 of Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy (above). And check out some highlights from the discussion below.

David Barr Kirtley to David Lowery:

“I have very high expectations for [The Green Knight], but at first glance I was really bothered by it. I went home, and my girlfriend Steph said, ‘How are you?’ And I was like, ‘Oh, I’m crazy about this. Do you know what it reminds me of? You remember that movie A Ghost Story that we watched? ‘This is the most beautiful ghost movie. I was like, ‘I’m reminded of this a lot. It was very slow. ‘And Steph said,’ Who’s in charge of this? ‘ And I said, ‘This guy is David Lowery. I’m not sure who he is. ‘That’s why I looked at him and he was the guy in charge A Ghost Story. And it’s like, ‘OK, that makes a lot of sense.’ ”

Christopher M. Cevasco in infallibility:

“I think it’s a fair interpretation of all the trials and tribulations [Gawain] is on the way so they are all basically Morgan or Merlin showing up. Otherwise how could he return the belt even if he lost it? His horse will return even if the robbers take it. Because it’s all about this many things they do. But why did they stone his way? Why did they return things to him? I don’t know. I have no answer. I didn’t know that is any answers. And maybe my interpretation isn’t the manager’s interpretation, maybe not in our definitions. We just don’t know. And that’s a problem. ”

Erin Lindsey in the story:

“I understand why [The Green Knight] polarizing, but I really haven’t experienced a severe reaction in one way or another. I almost wish I wasn’t a writer when I saw these kinds of movies-and I wish I wasn’t a writer with brutally honest agents, because so many parts of my life deconstruct when why would someone act or not act. Even if I have a loved one, I will take it to death, because this is what I am programmed to do now to experience stories and media. And that’s a little embarrassing, and I think about how 20-years ago I could have experienced this film differently. But if it stands now, yes, I enjoy it, but I can’t help but see what I consider areas for improvement. ”

Lara Elena Donnelly on magic:

Holly Itom one of mine Clarion teachers, and when he talked to us about fantasy magic systems, he said that there are two classes – day logic and night logic. The logic of the day is the kind you can explain by rules, like Harry Potter: If you say these words, and you move your wand like this, you get this effect. And reasoning at night is something that just feels good, and you can’t burden it. It’s even harder to write, because you have to think about the felt right, with no clear rules. And so for me a lot of this movie felt like the logic of the night. You can’t force it too much. It’s just something that works because it feels good. ”

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