14 Best Running Socks (2021): For Compression, Moisture-Wicking, Cold Weather, and More

You don’t mind to drop $ 100 or more on a pair of running shoes. For a large amount you invest in compression tights, hydration vests, and whatever else which will help you conquer your own mountains. But what about your socks? They’re small, they’re probably more responsible for your (dis) comfort than anything you exercise. If they don’t fit well, welcome to Blister City; if they don’t handle moisture well, you’re looking at a tall, COLD day of passage.

Don’t be afraid. Whether you’re a boot-camp addict, an ultrarunning aficionado, or a twice-a-week jogger, there’s a sock for you. We filtered out such an endless variety of cut and pillow – and, yes, color – to find options worthy of their price tags. Your feet are in good hands.

Updated August 2021: We’ve added the latest and greatest content from Tracksmith, Swiftwick, and Zensah. Adrienne So and Peter Rubin also contributed to this instruction.

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