As such… What if Quantum Computers to Aliens Explain Dark Energy?

In my residence in the Bay Area, I used to hang out with my friend Jaron Lanier to examine the implications of strangely bizarre mind experiments.

Foreign experiments are important in the intellectual history of science, but the point is not the difficulty itself. The charge of thinking about strange things like Schrödinger’s cat, the evil cat alive and dead at the same time, we don’t have to “believe” immediately in the existence of such a cat. However, we can hope that uncommon ideas will shed light on the negative centers of our minds; in the case of Schrodinger’s cat, in dealing with the question of superposition. The point is not to confuse or confuse people, but to later find a way to think more meaningfully and somewhat less confusingly.

The strange idea I want to think about here comes from a discussion of the search for alien life forms. There are various ways to look for signs of alien life in the universe, which are often associated with multiple telescopes. A method was built in the hope that perhaps astronomers would be lucky and a chance at a foreign radio broadcast. But in Lanier’s thought experiment and we examined it, we considered a different and more dramatic possibility.

For example there are many alien civilizations running many of the class type computers that Google and others have started to build here on Earth. This leads to a question of high wonder: Is too much of a very distant calculation of the amount to result in any visible astronomical effect? Can we humans see evidence of a universe full of quantum computers by carefully examining the night sky?

We thought of different ways this could be done, but in the end we focused on one good possibility. Here it is: First, alien quantum computers can explain the mystery of dark loud, because the counting of the hordes of alien creatures in the entire universe bows down (or does not particularly place) the universe in a whole. Since we can observe the result of dark energy, accelerating the spread of the universe, it means that we have already seen the evidence that our universe is alive ahead of us – we just don’t know it! And we find, thankfully, that meditating on an almost incomprehensible idea has a practical human cost: It helps us clarify how we perceive the plausible relationships between gravity and abundance of information. (If you think this is weird, you should read some competing ideas. A recent paper suggests that black energy is actually a sign that time is about to stop. time and will be empty instead. After all, we will no longer be left. in time, but four dimensions. Compared to that, our suggestion, foreigners and all, is practically silent.)

Moagi ta step by step: What is a quantum computer, and why is it used by foreigners?

Let’s assume that, like us, many alien civilizations want the best possible computers for some purpose or another. For the sake of argument, let’s assume that foreigners want to enjoy high -quality virtual reality, and so they build computers to make that happen. If computers running foreign VR were a classical class we use today (based on the mathematical framework laid down in the middle of the 20th century by computer science executives John von Neumann and Alan Turing ), so that foreigners in general can survive the virtual-world experience. You might think that classical computers should be on duty – after all, the special effects in movies have become realistic, and classical computers calculate the effects – but they don’t. Keep in mind that the movies are prepared in advance. Virtual reality, however, must create sensations for the human body to fly and to act as quickly as possible in reality.

Classical computers do not operate easily. In addition, there are cases where the human body is able to respond to reality with the highest level of sensitivity. For example, the retina can in some cases, generate a neural response to a photon. In a case like that, the human body becomes as biased as physics can allow. Just as classical computers cannot be as fast as the universe, neither can they be understood. If we think that foreigners everywhere are also changing to be sensitive to this last, much higher level of reality in some special case that we want to light, then when they try to design a nonquantum supercomputer and VR apparatus that can mimic reality at the ultimate level of detail, they have problems. That’s one reason we know that identifying aliens seeks power in quantum computers to run their virtual world.

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