The Absolute Fun of Walking Games

When the world locked, I chose to walk. In a world that is slowly closing, exploring the many scenes of walking simulator games seems like a release. I immerse myself in the lives of others: people who are on their own travels, my outer and inner worlds blending into one.

I’m not alone either. People leading to video games gathering during the pandemic, and gaming companies recorded record profits. The philosopher and theologian Saint Augustine created the Latin phrase “Solved by walking, ”Which means“ It’s solved by walking, ”and walking – even if it’s virtual, where I turn to keep my mind on it.

Walking simulators are usually exploration games that focus on your experience as a player. They rely heavily on strong speaking to engage players, by putting the player experience at the center of the experience. Compared to general games, they are always short and sweet, but despite having an impact, live in the minds of players long after they are finished.

What does a Walking Simulator look like?

on Everything Has to Grab, the story is a non-linear radio game, with a strange science-fiction that can’t be set in an HG Wells novel. The strong sense of place and the lives of the locals is what sets the game apart. Players walk through the abandoned Shropshire village of Yaughton accompanied by a glowing orb that guides them from one place to another. While Yaughton is real, the county where Yaughton is based, Shropshire, is a place I know in real life, and the interior and plot of the village is realistically shocking.

That level of detail can be seen throughout the game, from placing vases in houses at the top of the stairs to the farmer’s house with farming equipment on his kitchen table-and the devastating contrast. , a burglary of unused hospital equipment where he used to care for his wife. It’s one of the fewest games I’ve played where I feel like I’m exploring real personal belongings as a literal house invader. Each location draws crowds of someone living in the village, and the greater the loss of feeling you feel as you explore the remains the more you know.

I love Esther is a popular walking simulator game, set on an uninhabited island off the coast of Scotland. Playing it is a shocking experience, with a terrifying, frightening situation hanging over you as you discover more about the people who live on the island and why they are in the first place. The island carries a more symbolic meaning as the game progresses. The less gameplay gives you an experimental experience, more like a psychological art house movie.

No more at Home another game driven by storytelling and player exploration. It’s a family story told from the perspective of an older woman who comes home from college and discovers that her brother is gone. The strong storm surrounding the house adds to the bad mood as you wander from room to room, knowing things that will help tell the story and listen to the audio diaries that aimed at the sister, revealing the real life and inner pain of her younger sister in the process. The house was dark and gloomy, with corners and crannies and creepy closets. You arrange the collected boxes and open the secret rooms where the deepest, darkest secrets of the family are revealed. The innovation of the alternative life of youth in the ’90s was brought about by a Riot Grrrl soundtrack-played on a cassette player, also from the’ 90s. The game only lasts three hours, but I’m sure you won’t forget the experience.

Walking Simulators Made Greater Than Other Games

That’s not to say that walking simulators won’t work in much taller games, even games you don’t usually think of as walking simulators. on Unmapped 4: End of a Thief, there is a point in the game where you go to a mansion of an old explorer named Evelyn, who owns an impressive collection of antiques, such as a real sarcophic and Egyptian amulets , among other historical preferences. Streams of letters, leaflets, and old magazines tell the story of the collector’s amazing career and are full of personal life. The dialogue seems natural between the siblings, and they act like kids do, picking up trinket, trying on hats, and getting themselves a Polaroid. Typically There is no map Fashion, walking in the dark is full of skepticism, and there is growth in a final ending to the activity. Plus, who can forget that Crash Bandicoot comeo?

The walk-simulator style gameplay is also often embedded in open-world games, where players have to travel across open spaces to move from one town or destination to another. I enjoyed playing Red Dead Redemption 2 where the slow pace and realism of Arthur Morgan’s life as a cowboy feels natural and invigorating, especially when he’s in the middle of base camp missions. You can hear his fellow campers talking about what happened that day or the various dramas that are coming up between them. Rockstar Games began to add detailed environments and improve the character of the main characters, as well as their relationships with each other. For example, Sadie Adler is one of my favorite female characters in the game because of her weakness and lack of fear, traits you don’t always find in female action game protagonists. You first see him hiding from Arthur and his gang in the game’s opening mission. You don’t always see the challenging lives of brave women in action games, but Rockstar delivers.

Why Walking Simulators Are Soothing

More than just fun to play, there are amazing mental and psychological benefits to walking games. Andrew Przybylski, an experimental psychologist and director of research at Oxford Internet Research Institute WIRED was told in an interview, “We found that gameplay was positively related to well-being as far as the game satisfying the psychological needs for competence (sense of effectiveness), autonomy (sense of choice), and relevance. (sense of belonging.) Games are an important part of them [gamers’] motivation for self-care, coping, and in the case of augmented reality games such as Pokémon Go, with reason to get out of the house. ”

Imagine getting out of the stresses of real life to become a firewatcher? Firewatch an environmental psychological study played out in the Wyoming wilderness. You play as Henry, who leaves his past life and marital sufferings to get his new job as a firewatcher, alone, in the middle of nowhere.

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