Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Review: Perfect Everyday Earbuds

Modern Android phones are almost immediately paired, and their pairing is similar to that of other non -Apple iOS devices paired. That said, if you’re on iOS, you won’t get the same app -based controls, because there’s no app support. You can control the ambient mode and ANC on the earbuds themselves (a long toggle between them), so you just lose the EQ controls, the ability to ping the location of each earbud via the app, a worthy test, and Samsung voice assistant Bixby (no loss).

Cheat-Down Voice

Dual-driver arrays, where you get one for treble and one for bass, are still rare in wireless earbuds. Samsung has introduced its first pair with dual drivers in the awesome Buds Pro, and it’s good to see it in Buds2.

They don’t have the same clarity and openness as the more expensive older one, but the bass response is better head and shoulder than other earbuds at this price. I got into a ’90s singer-songwriter binge lately, and everyone from Alanis Morissette to Sheryl Crow played with the signature major-label beam. The drums sound perfect punch, with acoustic guitars and background vocals perfectly overlapping the middle and high range.

Boat noise cancellation is good to create a blank sonic canvas to enjoy your tunes, but despite this, or to open the surround mode so you can hear friends, car horns, and with work, you still get an accurate representation of your music.

You could spend more for the better sounding of Buds Pro, but really, Buds2 offers some of the best audio listening I’ve ever heard. In fact, they’re a bit more closed than the Buds Pro, so you don’t get too much stumbling sound before replacing the noise cancellation.

Onboard microphones work well for Zoom calls and meetings, but they’re not as good as AirPods Pro, Buds Pro, or Sony WF-1000XM4. Your sound is even better than if you were using the mic on your phone.

A New Standard

Photo: Samsung

We have more than two generations of wireless earbuds from Samsung, Apple, etc., but as we feel there is a corner when it comes to the show.

A few years ago, we asked for a pair that wouldn’t connect if our phones were in our back pocket. Now, we can get two drivers, noise cancellation, wireless charging, an ergonomic design, and great app-based functionality for as little as $ 150.

Buds2 brings a new era of wireless earbuds, one where there’s no reason to tweak a bit. If my closet is not full of dozen pairs of headphones waiting for ear time, this is my daily pair.

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